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EU verhängt 4,3-Milliarden-Strafe gegen Google - Wirtschaft - Sü
Im Kern geht es um drei Vorwürfe: Erstens zwinge das Unternehmen die Hersteller von Android-Geräten dazu, den Google-Browser Chrome vorzuinstallieren und dessen Suchmaschine als Standard festzulegen. Insgesamt geht es um ein Paket von elf Google-Apps, die nicht gelöscht werden können. Zweitens locke Google die Anbieter von Mobilfunknetzen mit finanziellen Anreizen, wenn sie ausschließlich Google-Dienste vorinstallieren. Und drittens würden Hersteller von Smartphones und Tablets am Verkauf ihrer Produkte gehindert, wenn sie andere Betriebssysteme verwenden wollen.
Google  antitrust  lawsuit 
yesterday by spaetz
Data portability
Major tech companies working on interoperable sharing of user data
data  sharing  antitrust  microsoft  google  twitter  facebook  dataliberation  opendata 
2 days ago by nelson
The European Commission Versus Android
“In short, in my estimation the real antitrust issue is Google contractually foreclosing OEMs from selling devices with non-Google versions of Android; the only way to undo that harm in 2018, though, would be to make Google Play Services available to any Android fork.”
google  antitrust  competition  android  ec  googleplayservices  microsoft  strategy  tying  market 
2 days ago by danhon
Android has created more choice, not less | Google Blog
- yeah right. Basically we can't get paid in data so pay us a licence fee. I wonder how much Google will have to pay to keep Google Search in the device if they do that. It could also create an opportunity for Oxygen, Yandex app store, Jolla and home grown distributions by the likes of Huawei instead
alphabet  antitrust  totwitter 
4 days ago by renaissancechambara
Firefox and the 4-year battle to get Google to treat it as a first-class citizen | ZDNet
One would certainly hope so, lest the European Commission take an interest in why Chrome's main desktop browsing competitor is held back on the one platform that allows third-party rendering engines, and is owned by Google.
firefox  antitrust  webbrowser 
11 days ago by yorksranter

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