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The betrayal of the Brexit bunch | Coffee House
"I have always feared where the right’s rhetoric will take it. Brexit was always going to produce a stab-in-the-back myth because no one could make the impossible possible. The real world was always going to betray the Brexit right, as it had betrayed the communist left. As anyone who knows the histories of Germany and Russia will realise, dishonest politicians never accept the ruin of their fantasies. Anything is better than admitting their errors. They talk instead of the people betrayed and march their followers, and their country, towards a dark future."
brexit  history  uk  politics  antisemitism  fascism  conservative 
7 days ago by np
Europe’s Jew Hatred, and Ours: a new CNN poll reveals that one in four Europeans are anti-Semitic / by Bari Weiss (NYTimes, 2018/11/29)
“Islamism is far less of a threat in the United States than in Europe — we do not, contrary to what the president would have you believe, have caravans of terrorists crossing our border. Still, a Muslim-American who expressed hatred of Israel shot six people, killing one of them, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, in 2006. Four Muslim men were arrested in a plot to bomb two Bronx synagogues in 2009. A Muslim convert was thwarted by the F.B.I. in his plan to blow up a Florida synagogue in 2016. Just last week, Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, a Somalian immigrant, shouted anti-Semitic slurs while trying to run down with his car people leaving a Los Angeles synagogue.”
AntiSemitism  Europe  BariWeiss 
13 days ago by cbearden
Who is the real Nigel Farage... and why won't he answer my questions? | Politics | The Guardian
Trump... Russian TV... key witnesses in Robert Mueller’s investigation. The jokey ‘bloke with a pint’ now has a network that spreads well beyond the UK. Our reporter has spent months on the trail of Mr Brexit...
NigelFarage  Brexit  politics  antisemitism  review  critique  Guardian  2018 
14 days ago by inspiral
The Post on Anti-Semitism I Never Thought I’d Write
Like many non-religious Jews of my generation, I naively assumed Nazism could never rise — and hurt us — again.
Longreads  crisis  Judaism  history  ww2  antisemitism  hate 
21 days ago by mirthe
Anti-westliche Islamkritik? | Das grosse Thier
Irgendwas hiervon: der Antisemitismus ist nicht einfach dasselbe wie Rassismus; er tritt nicht einfach als Herrschaftsideologie auf, sondern als Welterklärungsmodell; er wandelt sich über die Epochen, nimmt neue Vorstellungen auf, maskiert sich, chiffriert sich; er kommt nicht aus Unwissen, und mit Argumenten ist ihm letztlich nicht beizukommen; er ist nicht eine Summe persönlicher Vorurteile, sondern eine gesellschaftliche Bewusstseinsform; er kommt bei Linken wie bei Rechten vor; er kommt ohne jeden Bezug darauf aus, was Juden tatsächlich sind und tun; und die, die ihm verfallen sind, streiten vehement ab, das zu sein, gerade weil sie sich hinter der jeweils neuen Maske des Antisemitismus verstecken können.
21 days ago by rsms

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