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Design Patterns & Refactoring
Design Patterns and Refactoring articles and guides. Design Patterns video tutorials for newbies. Simple descriptions and full source code examples in Java, C++, C#, PHP and Delphi.
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9 weeks ago by yunior
9 Deadly Agile Retrospectives AntiPatterns
Useful list of things to watch when doing retrospectives
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12 weeks ago by ids
Software testing anti-patterns
Having unit tests without integration tests
Having integration tests without unit tests
Having the wrong kind of tests
Testing the wrong functionality
Testing internal implementation
Paying excessive attention to test coverage
Having flaky or slow tests
Running tests manually
Treating test code as a second class citizen
Not converting production bugs to tests
Treating TDD as a religion
Writing tests without reading documentation first
Giving testing a bad reputation out of ignorance
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may 2018 by iyoti

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