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JIRA is an antipattern | TechCrunch
I'm not sure this is a criticism of JIRA as much as a critique of Agile, specifically scrum boards and feature slips.
And the antidote, prose documents, isn't about JIRA at all either.
Those are supposed to be design documents and architectural overviews.
JIRA isn't built for that.
JIRA isn't a design tool.
And, despite what the commenters are saying, neither is Confluence.
Confluence can be a _repository_ of those documents but it's not a satisfactory design tool either (and blows for collaborative editing, frankly).
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yesterday by po
Waterfall was a historic accident and they knew it
Noting that the US DOD basically forced waterfall on the industry, by selectively taking parts of Winston Royce's "Managing the Development of Large Software Systems" paper from 1970
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2 days ago by mechazoidal
The Little Book of Python Anti-Patterns — Python Anti-Patterns documentation
Learning about these anti-patterns will help you to avoid them in your own code and make you a better programmer (hopefully). Each pattern comes with a small description, examples and possible solutions
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4 weeks ago by stuartcw
Airport Baggage Claims, Selective Consumers, and RabbitMQ Anti-Patterns -
On designs based on conditionally reject a message after having received it, by abusing NACK. Of course, RabbitMQ routing should be used to ensure this never happens.
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10 weeks ago by MaxBarraclough

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