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A Day In the Life of a TV Antihero
He woke up ambiguously. “Hmm,” he seemed to say as he looked warily around him. Time for another day of swords or drugs or making business, whatever his job was.
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september 2013 by hearteq
cupidsbow: Teen Wolf meta - Why is Derek an anti-hero?
It boils down to this: I just don't understand why the show continually positions Derek as a villainous character, and yet lauds far worse behaviour in Scott.
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november 2012 by acari
Scientific Blogging -- Addicted To Being Good? The Psychopathology Of Heroism
'The X-altruistic person [has] a need to live in "a fair and just world", and will go to great lengths to try and maintain that. They are driven by factors outside of themselves, externally motivated drives, such as aiding the plight of society or serving the "greater good". ...the sociopath and the X-altruist, may appear similar in their displays of behavior, and at times, even confused for the other type. If an X-altruistic person is compelled to break rules without remorse in order to help a disadvantaged person, it may seem as if he is acting rebelliously, especially if the motives behind his behavior are not known. On the other hand, a sociopath may donate a large sum of money to a charity, a seemingly altruistic behavior, but his actions may have been motivated by his selfish need to appear better than or more generous than a colleague. The defining characteristic that separates the two personality types is their ability to empathize, either not at all or too much...'
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october 2009 by adamcrowe

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