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3 Auto Radiator Repair and Maintenance Myths
Here are three auto radiator repair and maintenance myths that can land you in hot water.
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october 2019 by Adventure_Web
Binghamton DPW Workers Sent to Hospital After Hazmat Incident
Three Binghamton public works employees were sent to Lourdes Hospital for evaluation after they complained of dizziness following exposure to chlorine gas.

Deputy fire chief Stephen Faughnan said the workers detected a burning odor as they collected trash. When the back of the truck was opened, they observed a white vapor cloud.

Faughnan said several fire department rigs were sent to deal with the situation. He said the exothermic reaction caused some material in the truck to melt but there was no fire.

Floral Avenue was closed between Grand Boulevard and Carhart Avenue while the hazmat operation was underway.

Firefighters in protective suits retrieved the materials generating the fumes. It appeared chlorine had come into contact with antifreeze, causing a chemical reaction.
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july 2019 by dchas
Home - Caldo Oils
Caldo are one of the most experienced fuel and lubricant suppliers in the UK, having started to distribute fuels and blend lubricants in 1922.
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november 2017 by asaltydog
Keeping Your Engine Cool this Summer with Services from Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop
Vehicles have dedicated systems which cool the engine and keep things running the way they should. Your Baltimore auto repair shop explains.
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may 2017 by Adventure_Web
A Tasting Menu of Female Representation
Several simple guidelines for gauging how well women are presented in media. Bechdel, Mako Mori, Sexy Lamp, Anti-Freeze, Strength is Relative, and Furiosa, and Pizza Night tests.
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march 2017 by djwudi
Hazmat team, firefighters respond to Wilmington scrapyard fire
Fire and hazardous materials units were called to the scene of a vehicle fire and antifreeze leak at the A-1 Parts and Sales scrapyard Tuesday afternoon in Wilmington, according to a city fire department spokesperson.

City firefighters from B-Platoon were called to 410 Garacshes Lane at 1:46 p.m. as a large plume of black smoke rose over the city's south side.

The firefighters arrived to find a forklift and a car being prepared for scrap engulfed in flames, according to a press release from spokesman James R. Jobes.

The flames impinged on a nearby building, causing the roof to ignite, he said.

The fire was quickly knocked down, and the building sustained minimal damage, he said. A small portion of the roof was cut away to ensure the fire did not spread.
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may 2016 by dchas
Main Street "ICE" Chemical Spill Scandal Brewing
Remember “Main Street Ice?”

For those of you who’ve forgotten, this is the infamous government-funded ice skating rink in downtown Columbia, S.C. – a city whose motto is “famously hot” (and a city which has proven famously incapable of managing its infrastructure).

Anyway, according to our sources Main Street Ice was involved in a hazardous materials incident this week in which toxic chemicals were leaked into a downtown Columbia, S.C. storm drain.

The chemical mixture – half Ethylene Glycol and half water – was reportedly discovered dumped into a storm drain early Thursday morning as the rink was being disassembled.

Columbia, S.C. hazardous materials crews reportedly arrived on the scene around noon on Thursday, but they “(couldn’t) really do much because the anti-freeze has already traveled down in to the storm drain system before they were notified.”

“It’s not a good day to be a fish,” a source familiar with the spill told us.

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) emergency officials were on the scene responding to a complaint regarding the incident –  which City of Columbia officials told the agency involved a 250-300 gallon spill.
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january 2016 by dchas
Hazmat spill forces evacuation at Charlotte school
Students were evacuated from the Charlotte Central School this morning due to a spill of hazardous materials.

The school says maintenance staff members found a glycol leak in the school's boiler Wednesday morning. Glycol is commonly used as antifreeze or coolant.

Hazmat crews were called in, but at this point we don't know the extent or the severity of the spill. Police say five people are being evaluated.
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december 2015 by dchas
Settlements Ensure that Three Companies Comply with Public Right-to-Know Rules
BOSTON – Two Massachusetts companies, and one company in Connecticut will pay penalties and take actions to ensure they are following federal reporting requirements for use of hazardous chemicals. These enforcement actions by the US Environmental Protection Agency will help ensure that the public is aware of the potential for chemical releases in their communities. The companies involved in these settlements are KT Acquisition, Worcester, Mass., Suddekor, East Longmeadow, Mass.; and Laticrete, Bethany, Conn.
Suddekor LLC of East Longmeadow, Mass. will pay a penalty of $42,569 to settle EPA allegations that it failed three years in a row to report its use of a nitrate compound, as required by the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA). EPA alleged that Suddekor failed to file the federal Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Forms for a water dissociable nitrate compound in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Once alerted to the problem, the company recognized the omissions and has taken steps to provide the required reports.
KT Acquisition of Worcester, Mass. will pay a penalty of $10,584 to settle EPA allegations that it failed to submit TRI information in a timely fashion for reporting year 2012, for several chemicals, including nickel, cobalt and chromium. The company filed the required information more than 200 days late.
Laticrete International, Inc. of Bethany, Conn. will pay a civil penalty of $21,078 and will complete a $20,000 “supplemental environmental project” (SEP) for the Town of Bethany Fire Department, to resolve EPA allegations that the company violated EPCRA by failing to complete and submit Forms for several chemicals as required under TRI. The chemicals including ethylene glycol and lithium carbonate processed at the company’s Bethany facility in 2011 and 2013. Laticrete will also certify that it is currently operating in compliance with Section 313 of EPCRA and associated regulations. Under terms of the settlement, Laticrete will purchase and donate emergency response equipment to the Bethany Fire Company, including computers that will allow for field access of chemical and emergency response information, monitoring equipment to perform field readings and monitoring of conditions during hazardous materials incidents, and for personal protection of emergency responders who might encounter hazardous chemicals in the field.
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november 2015 by dchas
Traffic delayed after chemical spill on Moorhouse Ave
Traffic is flowing again on Moorhouse Ave, in Christchurch, after a chemical spill caused delays. 

The Fire Service said 20L plastic drum of antifreeze rolled off a vehicle and hit another vehicle about 8.25am on Monday. 

Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) advisor Luke Thomas said Moorhouse Ave went down to two lanes westbound between Durham and Montreal streets because of the incident. 

Emergency Services attended. 

It took about 30 minutes to clear the spill. 

A member of public who got antifreeze on them was treated at the scene but was uninjured. 
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september 2015 by dchas
Lebensmittelskandale von Glykolwein und Ehec bis BSE - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Erste Ungereimtheiten waren bereits im November 1984 zutage getreten. Im Finanzamt Eisenstadt, einer beschaulichen Stadt am Fuße des Leithagebirges in Österreich, saß ein Beamter über der Steuererklärung des Winzers Siegfried Tschieda aus Seewinkel. Tschieda wollte darin große Mengen an Frostschutzmittel absetzen. Aber warum nur? Der Beamte informierte seinen Chef. Trotzdem blieb es nur bei einem vagen Verdacht. Es dauerte bis zum 21. Dezember 1984, bis dieser sich erhärtete - in einer Szene wie aus einem Kriminalroman: An jenem Tag tauchte ein geheimnisvoller Mann in der landwirtschaftlich-chemischen Bundesanstalt im zweiten Wiener Gemeindebezirk auf. Er stellte ein Fläschchen auf den Labortisch der Lebensmittelprüfer. Darin leuchtete eine helle Flüssigkeit, dick wie Sirup. Der Mann raunte mit deutschem Akzent: "Das verwendet die österreichische Weinfälscherszene." Er weigerte sich, seinen Namen zu nennen und verschwand, ohne sich weiter zu erklären oder die Substanz zu benennen."
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july 2015 by gohai
Colorado College campus reopens after non-hazardous chemical incident
Ethylene glycol, a non-hazardous and non-corrosive material, was to blame for the evacuation of a Colorado College science building Thursday morning, according to Leslie Weddell, a CC spokeswoman.

Olin Hall, at 1030 N. Nevada Ave., between Unitah Avenue and Cache la Poudre Street, was evacuated around 8:30 a.m., while Colorado Springs Fire Department hazmat crews responded to reports of a possible chemical spill. Emergency vehicles blocked traffic in the area as well.

The area was cleared and the building reopened about mid-morning, Weddell said.
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july 2015 by dchas
Chemical spill cleanup underway in Vail Village
VAIL — Vail fire and work crews quickly corralled a small glycol spill Friday afternoon.

At about 4 p.m. Friday, crews responded to a call reporting a leak in Vail’s snowmelt system. A 17-year-old pipe developed a leak on East Meadow Drive near the pedestrian entry to the Vail Village parking garage, across from the Covered Bridge.

Between 250 and 500 gallons of propylene glycol spilled. Fire Chief Mark Novak says an unknown quantity entered a nearby storm drain that empties into Gore Creek.

Crews worked with responders from Vail’s public works department to create a containment area. The leak was isolated by 4:30 p.m.

Propylene glycol is a minimally hazardous antifreeze used to prevent the snowmelt system from freezing.
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march 2015 by dchas
Antifreeze leak causes hazmat scare at the Chesterfield governme
Chesterfield Fire and EMS have identified a green substance found in a creek running from the County Jail to Krause Road, as antifreeze. 

Officials were called to the 6600 block of Public Safety Way on Saturday at 2:15 p.m. for a report of a green substance in a creek.  The creek runs alongside the walking trails in the Chesterfield County Government Complex. 

Further investigation showed that the antifreeze was leaking from the HVAC units at the County Jail.  The antifreeze is now contained to that area, but clean-up of the creek could take up to several days.

Chesterfield officials say the spill does not effect the county's drinking water in any way.  Citizens should, however, avoid contact with the contaminated water.   

Fire officials want to remind citizens that antifreeze can be extremely harmful if swallowed or ingested.  Many animals find the smell and taste of antifreeze to be inviting.  As a result, many try to drink the sweet-tasting, but highly poisonous substance. 
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february 2015 by dchas
Improving Chemistry Demonstration Safety
Four fires from educational demonstrations have injured 22 children and two adults since the start of September. Calling such incidents a national problem, the Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) on Oct. 30 released a safety bulletin with recommendations for preventing them.

On Sept. 3, a demonstrator at a museum in Reno, Nev., was attempting to create a colored “fire tornado” when she poured methanol from a 4-L container onto a smoldering cotton ball. On Sept. 15, a teacher at a high school in Denver was demonstrating flammable properties when he poured methanol from a 4-L container onto an open flame. On Oct. 20, a Cub Scout group trying to produce a green flame poured methanol-containing antifreeze from a 355-mL bottle onto a fire in Raymond, Ill. And on Oct. 31, high school students in Chicago were also using methanol to create a green flame.
In at least the first three cases—the fourth is still being investigated—the fire propagated back into the fuel bottles and ignited the remaining liquid, CSB investigator Mark Wingard says. Pressure built up in the containers and the fiery fluid was expelled, burning people in the vicinity.
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november 2014 by dchas
Cub Scouts hurt in chemical explosion getting better
RAYMOND — The three Cub Scouts injured in a chemical explosion in Montgomery County on Monday night are improving.
Dan O’Brien, Scout executive and CEO for the Abraham Lincoln Council in Springfield, said Wednesday that two of the Scouts were released from Springfield-area hospitals Tuesday and the third is expected to be released Wednesday.
“Full recovery is expected on all three of them,” O’Brien said.
A parent who was an observer also was taken to a Springfield hospital for burns but was not admitted, O’Brien said.
The Scouts and the parent were outside of a building in Raymond conducting an experiment that involved mixing boric acid and Heet antifreeze in a metal fire pit to produce a green flame when the substance exploded about 7:20 p.m. Monday, police said.
The three Scouts and the parent suffered burns to their faces, hands and arms. The Scouts were flown to both Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital. The parent was transported to Springfield by ambulance, police said.
Raymond Mayor Denny Held said Tuesday that neither the Scouts nor the adult were wearing eye protection. He said they had tried the experiment twice before but were unable to see any flames, so they may have moved closer to the fire pit and used more of each substance to try to produce a better result.
No further information was available Wednesday on what caused the accident.
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october 2014 by dchas
Cub Scouts injured in chemical explosion
RAYMOND, Ill. - Three Cub Scouts and their den leader were injured Monday when an experiment with chemicals exploded.

The incident occurred in Raymond, Illinois, about 20 minutes north of Litchfield in Montgomery County.

City of Raymond Mayor Dennis Held said the scouts were having a meeting outside The Living Center at A Community of Faith Church earlier in the evening. The group was conducting a yearly experiment, mixing borax and Heet anti-freeze over a fire pit, with the intention of creating a green-blue flame. An explosion occurred during the course of the experiment, burning the scouts and den leader.

One scout conducting the experiment suffered burns to his arms, face, and hair area. The other two suffered facial burns. The den leader was also burned.

The Cub Scouts were airlifted to a Springfield hospital. The den leader was also taken to a Springfield hospital, but by ambulance.
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october 2014 by dchas

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