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Auf allen Ebenen, mit allen Mitteln! Unsere Rede! 👊
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2 days ago by reinhard_codes
RT : Ist ja fast schon lustig das jedes mal wenn der etwas über verkündet die Beweise…
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2 days ago by reinhard_codes
RT : Der koste viel Geld, aber sogar die sei oft besser informiert als er: Die Juri…
Verfassungsschutz  Antifa  from twitter
3 days ago by Xylakant
der seriöse teil der (das umfasst ein breites spektrum) macht die arbeit, die der tun mü…
antifa  verfassungsschutz  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by friedelitis
I will be doing two talks in Brazil in July in support of the Portuguese-language edition of ão…
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3 days ago by matthewog
RT : never walk alon

Eure Werbung für ist nicht nur SUPER sondern bringt eine Menge.

In zwei W…
Antifa  from twitter
6 days ago by reinhard_codes
Concrete clickbait: next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means
How have these places managed to transform from monuments to atrocity and resistance into concrete clickbait? The story told by Spomenik is that these strange structures must have just been dropped onto these rural areas, most likely by the Big Man, the dictator, Tito himself. According to Gal Kirn, who has written several articles on “partisan art” and whose book Partisan Ruptures was recently published in Slovenia, the opposite is true. “For these, let's call them modernist monuments, you would be surprised to see that the financing many times came as a combination of republican (Yugoslavia was heavily decentralised into its six constituent Republics) and regional funds, and also self-managed funding, meaning also that enterprises and factories contributed — while much less was given from the federal-state level.” There were competitions and “some public calls which had juries — but the existence of these progressive sculptural objects tells us that more conventional representations-resolutions were not favoured.” That is, in many cases these “UFOs” were commissioned, funded and chosen locally.
spomenik  Yugoslavia  sculpture  monuments  history  antifa  antifascism  clickbait  Owen-Hatherley  Jan-Kempenaers  2016 
8 days ago by zzkt
: A beautiful demonstration took place in the city of on Wednesday, in memory of Clément M…
antifa  France  Toulouse  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by kitoconnell
RT : I made some flags for redistribution. Take them. Use them well.
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18 days ago by kitoconnell
RT : Heute vor 75 Jahren griff die ein. Danke! ✊
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20 days ago by Xylakant
Watching the far right lose their minds at is my new favourite thing 😂
BurgerKing  antifa  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by micktwomey

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