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Ca. 230 marschieren durch . An der Route laufen sie an diesen Parolen vorbei:
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6 days ago by reinhard_codes
Jonathan Kay on Twitter: “Remember when Antifa used to take on neo-nazis and white supremacists instead of some tech guy who wrote a memo they don’t like.”
“Last year we invited the American Enterprise Institute’s Christina Hoff Sommers, YouTube host Dave Rubin, and PSU philosophy professor Peter Boghossian to speak about open inquiry and free speech on campus. The local Antifa gang incited dozens of students and other activists to disrupt our event, which they described as a ‘fascist safe space.’ The event went off with only minimal disruption thanks to a heavy presence of campus police, bodyguards and private security.”
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8 days ago by cbearden
California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show | World news | The Guardian
California police investigating a violent white nationalist event worked with white supremacists in an effort to identify counter-protesters and sought the prosecution of activists with “anti-racist” beliefs, court documents show.
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14 days ago by tarakc02
CHP + Nazis
California state police working with Nazi groups to pursue Antifa
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14 days ago by nelson
RT : If anyone's been following the phenomenon in the US, a warning here. A large number are fake organisations…
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19 days ago by kcarruthers
RT : This is the side of that mass media and the general public don’t see. There’s more to fighting fascism than…
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20 days ago by kitoconnell
RT : Article: 'Everyday Antifascsm & The Limits Of : On Movement Building Under ' by…
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22 days ago by kitoconnell
Everyday Antifascsm & The Limits Of : On Movement Building Under
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