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Anti-Fascist and Gender-Nonconforming: Our Hero, Claude Cahun
The reason I find myself thinking about Claude Cahun today, however, is not their photography, but rather, their resistance to Nazi forces during World War II. … When German forces conquered France and began using the island as a training ground for new recruits, Cahun and Moore waged a secret, two-person campaign of disinformation and morale-destruction, using a weapon the Nazis never expected: Surrealism.
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4 days ago by owenblacker
How the Right made antifa into the boogeyman – VICE News
To some, the name antifa evokes swarms of black-clad anarchists hurling Molotov cocktails at police and lining their pockets with money from the Clinton Foundation. To others, antifa is a false flag, a right-wing conspiracy whose goal is to destabilize the Left. Then there are those who see antifa everywhere: behind every scandal, every mass shooting, and every disaster.
9 days ago by Jswindle
The Left's Embrace Of Violence Backfires | The Daily Caller
The message was loud and clear from America’s entertainers and lefty pundits: it’s OK to punch those you deem to be a “Nazi,” and we’ll cheer it on.
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11 days ago by Jswindle
RT : : counter-protest against neo- rally & to honor of violently removed by police in…
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11 days ago by kitoconnell
This is why we need . We can't allow groups advocating genocide to take hold. Listen to the horrible things…
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12 days ago by rabble
RT : : Hundreds + Thousands marched in against neo- "Independence Day" rally.
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