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Cipro and fluoros in general can be extremely dangerous (and Cipro is the light-... | Hacker News
Cipro and fluoros in general can be extremely dangerous (and Cipro is the light-weight among the class, the others are truly terrifying). It's now carrying two black-box warning labels from the FDA, which they slapped on it after dragging their feet for over a decade about several well-known and horrific side effects, including causing nerve damage.
If you've taken it in the last year or two, I'd suggest taking high absorbtion magnesium (citrate etc). Some of the particularly bad effects from Cipro seem to be caused - if not entirely, at least in part - by low magnesium levels. It strips magnesium out of various tissue and leaves it necrotic, which is how it destroys tendons for example (one of the FDA labels is for spontaneous tendon rupture). If you had low magnesium levels before taking it, the concern is that much greater. The earlier you take the magnesium after completing Cipro, the better.

The other compounding action on fluoros, including Cipro, is NSAIDs and steroids, they dramatically increase the damage from the antibiotic (the instructions you get with Cipro properly warn against taking NSAIDs with it, but how many people don't realize how dangerous taking Advil around the same time might be?).

Cipro is being implicated in all sorts of interesting things:

If you spend even a few minutes digging, you'll find a large array of high quality sources now discussing it. 20 years ago it was mostly fringe sources discussing it. The FDA though, was warned as far back as the early 1990s, for example by a paper out of UCLA med circa 1994 that perfectly laid out how dangerous it was. The FDA's behavior was either malicious (protecting pharma revenue), or they were scared to pull such a valuable broad spectrum antibiotic.

Cipro was force fed to soldiers during the first Iraq Gulf War (on a non-proven claim that it could protect against anthrax). The last few years, since the FDA slapped a warning on it for peripheral neuropathy (and seeing as it's being implicated in two dozen other major health problems), veterans groups have been looking into it as a possible source of gulf war syndrome. [1]

There are increasing links suggesting the huge increase in women being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, may in fact be effects due to how common Cipro has been prescribed for things like urinary tract infections. If you get injured by Cipro, doctors will often immediately jump to diagnosing you with one of three things (typically ignoring the blatant Cipro tie): lactic acidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or fibromyalgia.

It's merely my opinion, but I think Bayer is probably due a trillion dollar lawsuit. Anyone that has ever taken Cipro has likely suffered serious damage from it, which may not show up for many years (the FDA says the damage from Cipro may continue for several years). At least in the US, millions of people are prescribed it every year.

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'World's worst' super-gonorrhoea man cured - BBC News
[hf to all the sex tourists] Discussions between Public Health England, the World Health Organization and the European Centres for Disease Control agreed this was the most serious case of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea ever detected.

But now two "similar" cases have been discovered in Australia. One also had sex in South East Asia, the other reported no foreign travel.

Dr Hughes said they will be "challenging" to treat and were a "timely reminder" to everyone that super-gonorrhoea is likely to be more common in the future.
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First XDR typhoid is on the verge of being untreatable, spreading globally | Ars Technica
In the epidemic, researchers suspect leaking sewage lines were to blame for the creation and spread of the XDR strain. According to the Times, early disease mapping showed cases clustering around sewage lines in the city of Hyderabad // maintenance. it's good. why do people hate maintenance?
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The Guardian view on medical dangers: evolution in action | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
This is not as frightening and widespread a threat as the rise of antibiotic resistance, but it remains a chilling example of the complex unpredictability of our interactions with the natural world. The law of unintended consequences is powerful. No one could have imagined that a more efficient way to produce ice-cream might lead to the growth of hospital infections. The real difficulty in both cases is that the costs of industrial food production are not paid by the food processors and farmers who profit most from it. Only coordinated international action can ever fix that – and time is running out.
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