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Stank 2.0 and the Counter-Poetics of Black Language in College Classrooms
By Carmen Kynard
"Daily moments like this remind you of the white-policing function of language in the academy. [...] White expectation, however, does not control black expression. So what did I do? I clapped back."
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25 days ago by kddbailey
When white women practice the politics of polite, the violence of nice
Taking direct action in any one of these scenarios will require the antithesis of white woman nice. Strategic subversion and an utter disgust for our own collective lack of humanity; humility of thought and deed; an egoless decision-making process that puts people of color FIRST, not as props in our ‘I’m a good white person,’ vignette; educating ourselves without defensiveness or fragility on the brutal realities of systemic racism in America — these are just some of the new tools we need to learn to wield effectively, if we are to achieve anything resembling justice and equality in our lifetimes.

You can apply this technique to any interaction you witness between a person of color and a member of law enforcement, the officer cannot legally stop you. The ACLU Mobile Justice app is now available in 18 states, and is a secure way to record police interactions without risk of video deletion from your phone .
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august 2019 by yolandaenoch

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