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Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles | Environment | The Guardian
Damian Carrington. The Guardian. 16 April 2018

Scientists have created a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles – by accident. The breakthrough could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis by enabling for the first time the full recycling of bottles.

The new research was spurred by the discovery in 2016 of the first bacterium that had naturally evolved to eat plastic, at a waste dump in Japan. Scientists have now revealed the detailed structure of the crucial enzyme produced by the bug.
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Is Ornamenting Solar Panels a Crime? - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
We’re Solarpunk because the only other options are denial or despair. —Adam Flynn1 By now, dystopia may have become a luxury genre. Indulging in miserable future scenarios is not something everyone has time for.
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The swiftness of glaciers: language in a time of climate change | Aeon Ideas
Language bends and buckles under pressure of climate change. Take the adjective ‘glacial’. I recently came across an old draft of my PhD dissertation on which my advisor had scrawled the rebuke: ‘You’re proceeding at a glacial pace. You’re skating on thin ice.
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Two degrees no longer seen as global warming guardrail
Limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius will not prevent destructive and deadly climate impacts, as once hoped, dozens of experts concluded in a score of scientific studies released Monday. A world that heats up by 2C (3.
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An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried - Motherboard
Human extinction. The coordinated release of various strains of a human sterilization virus.
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RT : Understanding the histories of vegetative systems. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing giving lecture n…
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Tourists are swarming Antarctica to see it before it’s gone | The Outline
“Join our team on this special voyage that equips leaders with resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change.” This isn’t the description for Doctors Without Borders. It’s for a luxury Antarctic vacation expedition through the company Explorer’s Passage.
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