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INTE 5340 - Weekly Reflections of an Analog Woman in a Digital World: Case Study #1 - - Anthropology for Everyone models for me what a living, breathing course can look like. When I look back to when I taught Drugs and Behavior and Intro Psych, I see the classes I taught as boring and lifeless. We as a class didn't create our own stories together, and we lost the opportunities to make connections. I really like how well-integrated all the various media for each lesson and challenge are on the website. And the more I dig into this site, the more I am personally challenged​ to design my classes to have more of an open pedagogy behind them and being okay with my classes being in the "beta" stage every week.
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Distortion and Fuzz Cause a Buzz in SF State's DesignSpace
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Light took an anthropological angle on the pedals as his knowledge about them developed. “Guitarists fetishize these pedals, in the sense that they’re viewed as mythical or powerful,” Light said. “They connect some people with their guitar gods.”

The mystique surrounding pedals is what led Light to focus his exhibit on “the guitar effects pedal as cultural artifact.” He wanted to show the history and diversity of guitar effects pedals, as well as the collecting obsession, which meant compiling a suitable collection of pedals and writing informative descriptions. Light said the most difficult part of the curation was securing all 63 pedals that ended up on display, most of which are borrowed directly from manufacturers.
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Research by Professor Soh Finds Up to 200,000 World War II Victims of Human Trafficking
CURBED SF -- On Friday the city dedicated a new public art installation honoring World War II’s “comfort women”—the crude term given to civilians, from countries like China and Korea, taken prisoner and forced to work at brothels serving Japanese soldiers.

A 2001 paper by San Francisco State University Professor Sarah Soh for the Japan Policy Research Institute estimates that between 50,000 and 200,000 women were the victims of human trafficking during the war.

“The Japanese government has steadfastly maintained that the San Francisco Peace Treaty and various bilateral agreements between Japan and other nations have settled all postwar claims of compensation,” writes Soh.
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Alum Maureen Erwin: Why Use the Term 'Antifa'?
SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER -- Names matter. When I was a cultural anthropology student at San Francisco State University, we weren’t making comparative analysis between cultures anymore. Influenced by critical theory and French postmodernism, anthropology turned inward, asking what it means to compare, define and represent “others,” including the inherent power in words, naming and how power is reinforced as their usage evolves.

“Hegemonic discourse.” Often, we assume that word meanings and usages evolve organically, overlooking times when there is more to the story.

Make no mistake: Trump’s spin team is intent on conflating peaceful groups with acts of violence. And by stripping their individual group names, they erase any reference to values.
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Recent Grad Saliem Shehadeh Discusses Struggles for Justice at SF State
MONDOWEISS -- Saliem Shehadeh has a Master of Arts in Anthropology from San Francisco State University and Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and is a Diaspora Studies graduate student assistant. He wrote an op-ed piece discussing a lawsuit alleging anti-Semitism on campus.
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World War II 'Comfort Women' Included Citizens of Numerous Asian Countries, SF State Research Finds
DAILY MAIL (LONDON) -- The term “comfort woman” comes from the Japanese euphemism “jugun ianfu,” which refers to women, of various ethnic and social circumstances, who became sex slaves for the Japanese troops before and during World War II.

Military brothels existed across the Asia Pacific region in areas occupied by the Japanese forces.

The women forced to work there were forced to have sex with up to 50 Japanese soldiers a day as they were raped and sexually assaulted during the second World War.

Though around 80 percent were Korean, women from Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma and the Pacific islands were also used as comfort women, according to a San Francisco State University report.
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Alum Richard Oakes Featured on Google Doodle
HEAVY.COM/COED.COM -- Native American activist Richard Oakes is the subject of today’s Google Doodle. May 22, 2017, would be his 75th birthday. Oakes is best known for creating one of the first Native American studies departments in the nation, and leading an occupation of Alcatraz Island in the late 1960s.

While in attendance at SFSU, however, Oakes grew discontent with the courses that were being offered, and joined forces with an Anthropology professor to expand the curriculum to include Native American studies.

He developed the outline for what would go on to become one of the first Native American studies programs in the nation, which encouraged other American Indians to enroll in San Francisco State University, according to the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. This increasing awareness among the community, coupled with Oakes’ increasing interest in activism and equality, eventually led to the famed Alcatraz protest in 1969.
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SF State Policy Cancels Under-enrolled Courses
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- According to interim Provost Jennifer Summit, whose office is in control of course scheduling, the practice of terminating “under-enrolled” classes was stated in a memo from 1983, which defined under-enrollment as less than 13 students enrolled in lower division courses, 10 in upper division and five for graduate classes.

“By closing low-demand courses, we try to redirect the funding so we can offer more high-demand courses for the students who need them,” said Summit. “It’s an inexact science, but we’ve recently adopted an analytics platform that will allow us to do a more accurate job predicting student course demand so we’ll know how many sections of which courses to offer long before they appear on the schedule.”Summit stated in an email that the University does not keep a list of classes that have been

Summit stated in an email that the University does not keep a list of classes that have been canceled.

While it is difficult to predict how many students are going to enroll in courses, professor Lucia Volk says that class enrollment criterion has shifted away from determining the value of a course by its content to an evaluation of enrollment figures only. In Volk’s opinion, this change in policy led to a “practice of canceling classes that were deemed ‘under-enrolled.’”

“It led to situations where courses were pulled the week before classes started,” said Volk. “Professors were reassigned last minute…and lecturers lost the courses they had prepared to teach (and the income they expected to get).”
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Professor Quesada Participates in 'Refuse Fascism' Teach-in
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Anthropology Department Chair James Quesada warned that the country was entering into “an Orwellian ‘Brave New World.’”

“There’s been a systematic takeover of key state institutions by the Trump administration,” Quesada said. “It provides the cultural ground for fascism to take root.”
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