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Antennas By N6LF
Antenna design ideas for radio amateurs by Rudy Severns N6LF
hamradio  antennas 
7 weeks ago by dcowhig
Beyond Massive MIMO: The Potential of Data Transmission With Large Intelligent Surfaces - IEEE Journals & Magazine
Via Marina Petrova, May 2019

In this paper, we consider the potential of data transmission in a system with a massive number of radiating and sensing elements, thought of as a contiguous surface of electromagnetically active material. We refer to this as a large intelligent surface (LIS), which is a newly proposed concept and conceptually goes beyond contemporary massive MIMO technology. First, we consider capacities of single-antenna autonomous terminals communicating to the LIS where the entire surface is used as a receiving antenna array in a perfect line-of-sight propagation environment. Under the condition that the surface area is sufficiently large, the received signal after a matched-filtering operation can be closely approximated by a sinc-function-like intersymbol interference channel. Second, we analyze a normalized capacity measured per unit surface, for a fixed transmit power per volume unit with different terminal deployments. As terminal density increases, the limit of the normalized capacity [nats/s/Hz/volume-unit] achieved when wavelength λ approaches zero is equal to half of the transmit power per volume unit divided by the noise spatial power spectral density. Third, we show that the number of independent signal dimensions that can be harvested per meter deployed surface is 2/λ for one-dimensional terminal deployment, and π/λ 2 per square meter for two- and three-dimensional terminal deployments. Finally, we consider implementations of the LIS in the form of a grid of conventional antenna elements, and show that the sampling lattice that minimizes the surface area and simultaneously obtains one independent signal dimension for every spent antenna is the hexagonal lattice.
MIMO  antennas  smart-materials  nanomaterials  LIS  metamaterials 
7 weeks ago by pierredv
The Antenna Theory Website
An intuitive tutorial of antennas and antenna theory. This website is designed to present a comprehensive overview of antennas, from design, to measurement and theory. Unnecessarily complicated math is avoided throughout.
antenna  design  physics  theory  radio  antennas  ham 
12 weeks ago by stevesong
The Antenna Theory Website
This website is intended to be a source of knowledge for learning about and understanding antennas. The goal is to present a comprehensive tutorial on antennas.
antenna  antennas  design  physics  radio  theory 
12 weeks ago by whip_lash
FPAs: Moving Parts Still Have the Upper Hand - NSR Apr 2019
"Given the number of Non-GEO HTS constellations announced, from early "launch, full production, and those in early development, it is safe to say the skies will be filling up fast with more satellite capacity than ever before. On the ground, development of next-generation, electronically-steered terminals continues with announcements such by Kymeta, Phasor, and OmniAccess among others. Given this, all signs indicate that electronically-steered antennas (ESAs), which will inherently decrease the number of moving parts, are key to the future of satcom. However, delays are quite common, from Kymeta requiring 5 years to ship their first product, and Phasor postponing their ESA deployment, to name just a few.

Meanwhile, mechanically-steered antennas (MSAs) are on the market now, with developed supply chains and partnerships, doing the job with a host of moving parts."

"According to NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 4th Edition, annual shipments of mechanically-steered antennas (MSA) FPAs will grow to over 48,000 units by 2028, with over 7,000 shipped last year. MSAs are forecasted to represent only 3% of all future shipped FPAs, yet they represent 95% of the market today. In fact, despite ESA development, MSAs are expected to retain leadership in key verticals."

"Advanced capabilities are desired, but reliability is required."
NSR  satellite  antennas  Kymeta  Phasor  market-research  ESA 
april 2019 by pierredv
Everything about Hamradio! - Bonito Hamradio
With a versatile selection of high-quality products we are one of the top-sellers in our business. Whether Hamradio software, Receivers or Software Defined Radios (SDR), active antennas, active loop antennas, WiFi sticks as well as practical accessories. Bonito have everything around the topic Hamradio.
SDR  radio  amateur  ham  shopping  electronics  antennas  software 
april 2019 by squishyrobot
Cheap HF Antenna | W3ATB
A wire antenna for all HF bands from 80 to 6 m. It's held up by a kite.
antennas  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
march 2019 by amoore

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