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Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
The Scott Polar Research Institute, established in 1920 as part of the University of Cambridge, is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Institute also houses the World's premier Polar Library, extensive archival, photographic and object collections of international importance on the history of polar exploration, and a Polar Museum with displays of both the history and contemporary significance of the Arctic and Antarctic and their surrounding seas.
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New map of Greenland reveals fast-changing environment - News - British Antarctic Survey
A new map of Greenland and the European Arctic highlights the importance of monitoring environmental change in this fast-changing region.

Cartographers at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have produced the most detailed and up-to-date printed map of Greenland. This map is the first of its kind to cover the entire region on one sheet.
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Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice: How Are They Different? – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
Antarctic sea ice extent is currently below the long-term average of all decades prior since 1979. Previously, Antarctic sea ice extent had been above that long-term average due to long-term, large-scale wind circulation patterns that drove sea ice away from Antarctica5, making room for more sea ice to form nearer to the continent.6 Climate models, or computer simulations that incorporate all the factors that affect Earth’s climate, predicted this behavior.7 These long-term wind patterns reversed several years ago, resulting in a significant sea ice decline surrounding Antarctica. A figure showing current Arctic sea ice extent can be found here.
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Mesmerizing GoPro footage of a journey down a 900 meter deep hot-water drilled borehole in the Antarctic
In 2017, the scientists of the British Antarctic Survey project BEAMISH drilled a 900 meter (2,953 feet) borehole into the Rutford Ice Stream in order to understand how fast the ice was melting, the deformation of the ice as it flows downstream and how well the ice sheet is holding up. The project captured absolutely amazing footage of the journey down this hot-water drilled holes with a GoPro camera.
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The Real Ice Queens: Women Who Conquered the Cold Wearing Corsets
Josephine Diebitsch Peary, aka, the “First Lady of the Arctic”. This 19th century explorer traveled farther North over the ice fields than any woman recorded in history before. And I say « ‘recorded in history’ because, let’s not forget the countless Inuit women who would have also travelled into the Arctic unrecorded, saving the fate of numerous expeditions thanks to their expertise in tailoring and food preparation. Male explorers often failed to mention these women in their expedition diaries, their names obscured by the prejudices of the day. ...she fell in love with Robert Edwin Peary, an American Navy officer who had discovered a passion for exploring the mysteries of the Arctic and would become the first white man to do so. Within a few years of their marriage, Josephine found herself swapping white gloves and champagne glasses for seal gloves and a rifle. She accompanied her husband on six of his Arctic expeditions; on the second of which, she was eight months pregnant.
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RT : An diving in the icebreaker channel. TCKWs are fish specialists - note how he's totall…
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Hurtigruten Cruises: Norway, Arctic & Antarctic Expeditions | Hurtigruten UK
Visit the Norwegian fjords with Hurtigruten, see the Northern Lights or step foot on Antarctica or other Explorer destinations. Our cruises take you to some of the most incredible and pristine destinations on earth.
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RT : A mesmerising 3D animation of the formation and recovery of the 2018 is now available from…
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RT : The New Year has started with unusually low sea ice at and record low at , according to
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Scott of the Antarctic: the lies that doomed his race to the pole | UK news | The Guardian
Wright had found the answer. "I tried to signal my party to stop as I considered it would be a sort of sacrilege to make a noise," he said later. The men began digging and revealed a tent, perfectly pitched, as Scott would have insisted. He was lying at its centre with Lieutenant Henry Bowers and Dr Edward Wilson on either side. His companions appeared at peace but Scott looked agitated, as if he had struggled to the last. Of his other men, diaries showed that Petty Officer Edgar Evans had suffered concussion after a fall and died a few weeks after the group began trudging back from the pole, while Captain Lawrence Oates had walked out of their tent to his death because he felt that he was holding back his comrades. Those diaries also showed that Scott had been beaten to the Pole by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

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The cold had turned the skin of Scott, Wilson and Bowers yellow and glassy. "That scene can never leave my memory," recalled Apsley Cherry-Garrard, another search-party member. "We never moved them. We took the bamboos of the tent away and the tent itself covered them. Over them we built the cairn." The party's leader, Edward Atkinson, read the lesson for the burial service from Corinthians.
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Antarctic diary records horror at finding Captain Scott's body | Books | The Guardian
Gran’s journal records how he and his team found the bodies of Scott – who he refers to as “The Owner” – and his companions on 12 November 1912. “It has happened – we have found what we sought – horrible, ugly fate – Only 11 miles from One Ton Depot – The Owner, Wilson & Birdie. All gastsly [sic]. I will never forget it so long I live – a horrible nightmare could not have shown more horror than this,” he writes in English. The tent, writes Gran, is “snowcovered til up above the door”, with Scott “in the middle, half out of his bagg [sic]”.

“The frost had made the skin yellow & transparent & I’ve never seen anything worse in my life. The Owner seems to have struggled hard in the moment of death, while the two others seem to have gone off in a kind of sleep,” he recorded, adding that Scott had written in his diary: “There is no more hope and so God look after our people.”

Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘A horrible nightmare could not have shown more horror than this’ … Tryggve Gran’s diary. Photograph: Christie's
Gran would use his own skis to build a cross above the cairn he and his fellows built for the Terra Nova party, and took Scott’s skis for the return journey, writing: “I am using the Owner’s ski[s] – they must finish the journey – and they will.”
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RT : Scientists prepare for 'the most detailed .whale poo expedition ever'. Team will collect samples in the
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