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Google shifts from a to a user portal for
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2 days ago by jhill5
By enabling “OK Google” on their phone, people get even if their phone is locked. How to get Google Voice…
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13 days ago by jhill5
have always helped build business credibility


delivers using published rev…
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22 days ago by jhill5
Show up for in SERPs by being the best answer in a few short sentences

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27 days ago by jhill5
How to provide consumers quick now.
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28 days ago by jhill5
🏅App of the Week🏅 Track and Improve Your Mental Health With MoodPath
Stress, Depression, & Anxiety
MoodPath is a mental health tracking app that asks you daily questions on your emotional and physical well being.
**  Every  check-up  that’s  sent  to  your  phone  in  the  morning_  afternoon_  and  evening  archives  your  answers  into  a  bi-weekly  assessment  of  your  overall  mood. 
5 weeks ago by matzner
RT - People are sourcing for everything from the wildest questions to the most commonly…
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7 weeks ago by jhill5
now provides more using phrased-based sentiment analysis

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8 weeks ago by jhill5
RT - The web is much more than entertainment - gain immediate and needed
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10 weeks ago by jhill5
The business that provides the best solutions / that want will win.
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11 weeks ago by jhill5
Searchers Want !
1. Know top questions people ask
2. Be the best answer

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11 weeks ago by jhill5
It's critical to understand the searcher's intent when for
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11 weeks ago by jhill5
"How should disclose paid results when delivering ? There hasn’t been a need to solve that p…
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11 weeks ago by jhill5
" Answers have the potential to disrupt any competitive opportunity to appear in results and earn tr…
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12 weeks ago by jhill5
Optimizing for :

* provide the best answer
* get to the point early and clearly
* use your custome…
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march 2019 by jhill5

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