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Invitation to tender: Research in the field of data and risk management…
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3 days ago by schee
UK Data Service » Anonymisation
Techniques & best practices for anonymising data
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24 days ago by rdark
Australia's open data approach lands in a security and privacy minefield - TechRepublic
Learning about data security and privacy the hard way is a bad idea. Unfortunately, Australians are being schooled on a national scale, especially the 10 percent of Australians that have been involuntarily included in the Australian government's release of "anonymous" Medicare data.
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december 2017 by juliantait
Anon AI :: Automatic data anonymisation using AI
Share data securely using a workflow tool that automatically anonymises and adapts to changing datasets »
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october 2017 by jackhardinges
New words and pictures to explain anonymisation | Understanding patient data
A recent BBC news article reported that the NHS was “confusing the public by using ‘gobbledygook’”. This is particularly true when it comes to the words used to describe patient data. Words like ‘secondary uses’, ‘pseudonymised’, ‘key-coded’, and ‘de-identified for limited disclosure’ are confusing and unnecessarily technical. They may sound like ‘gobbledygook’, acting as a significant barrier to honest discussions.
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october 2017 by jackhardinges

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