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Edji: Classroom Reading
Reading as a group with overlapping, live annotations. Designed for the classroom.
education  annotation  collaborative  reading 
6 days ago by Codiak
Prism | Home
A tool for collaborative interpretation of texts.
annotation  text  tools 
7 days ago by kintopp
Annotation Studio :: Sign in
Annotation Studio is a web application that supports close reading and collaborative interpretation of online documents. Register and sign in to try it out. via Pocket
annotation  tools  text 
7 days ago by kintopp
reports learning analytics associated with group – or ​crowd​ – discourse ​layers​ added via Hypothesis open web annotation to online content.
analytics  annotation  data  tool  teaching  learning  Education  highered 
9 days ago by grantpotter
UX Check
UX Check is a Chrome Extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation.
usability  heuristics  plugin  addon  chrome  annotation 
10 days ago by garcon
Annotating Grafana panels with data from Sonarr using Elasticsearch

Annotating Grafana panels with data from Sonarr using Elasticsearch
grafana  elasticsearch  annotation 
15 days ago by blebo

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