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Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland is a Wonderland of Peculiar Production | Consequence of Sound
The Opus revisits the parties, kazoos, and jam sessions behind the legendary album
Our podcast series, The Opus, continues its journey into The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Electric Ladyland.
A hodge-podge of jam sessions and extended blues homages could have easily transformed into a bloated mess. Instead, the ambling attempt to make the “Earth Space Music” of Electric Ladyland became the stuff of legend. Host Ernest Wilkins is joined by music writer Dan Epstein to discuss Hendrix’s production style and the sometimes quite peculiar techniques the maestro used in the studio.
And what a studio it was! The Record Plant was founded to ensure Hendrix’s complete control over the record, allowing for parties that became immortalized on wax and painstaking perfectionism. This episode highlights early takes and demos from those sessions and inspiring insights into the fluid and fascinating ways that Jimi Hendrix let his creativity soar.
The Opus is a co-production of the Consequence Podcast Network and Sony.
For more Hendrix, check out Electric Ladyland – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, a new box set featuring previously unreleased demos, alternate takes, and a live bootleg. Pick up a copy here or stream the original album in full below.
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The new issue of Classic Rock:
As mentioned last week, on the occasion of Jimmy Page’s Birthday last Wednesday – how fitting it was to see this new issue of Classic Rock on the newsagent shelves.
This new issue of Classic Rock has a supplement Led Zeppelin The Birth of A Legend 50th Anniversary Special. This includes a feature on their early days and the making of Led Zeppelin 1 by Mick Wall and an introduction piece that sets the scene about their impact on the US by Mike Tremaglio and… myself followed by a 12 page extract from the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book that focuses on their first US tour.
Mike and myself oversaw all this a few weeks back. All in all, it’s an excellent supplement and a fantastic showcase for the book. If you have yet to indulge in the book, this Classic Rock supplement will give you a vivid example of what it is all about – and if you love Led Zeppelin – you will love this book…
Be sure to check it out this new issue of Classic Rock –aside from Zep, there’s some great features to get stuck in to including a great piece on Be-Bop Deluxe and the Top 50 AOR albums of all time and Greta Van Fleet – who as we know are causing a bit of a stir. I also have an entry in the Contributors section.

Classic Rock Radio Interview:
The interview I did with Jon Kirkman for Classic Rock Radio was made available last Wednesday on Jimmy’s Birthday – here’s the info vi Holly Quibell:
IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! A Celebration Day indeed… in honour of Jimmy Page’s 75th birthday today, I present the phenomenal interview of Dave Lewis, co-author of the latest Led Zeppelin book “Evenings With Led Zeppelin: The Complete Concert Chronicle” conducted by Jon Kirkman. This is the interview that aired on December 16th 2018 on Classic Rock Radio that I couldn’t stop talking about. Dispersed between several live tracks from the classic “How The West Was Won” and “The Song Remains The Same” albums, is Lewis talking about the inspiration behind the book, the writing process, the focus of the book, bootleg controversies, and historical tidbits. A great tour recollection of an equally great live band. Please feel free to share this post on to your respective Zeppelin and Page friends 😉 A must listen for any Zep fan.
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Led Zeppelin’s Self-Titled Debut Turns 50: A Track-by-Track Retrospective | Billboard
ack when Led Zeppelin made their maiden flight, rock critics expected them to land with a thud. But fifty years ago today (Jan. 12), Led Zeppelin unleashed their self-titled debut, a perfect storm of gonzo drums, banshee wailing and mystical ballads that remains a tentpole of 1970s rock.
Today, Led Zeppelin has been codified into rock mythology as a classic -- but rock critics weren’t so sure at the outset. “No special appeal in sound,” concluded a Denver review of their 1968 live debut. “Weak, unimaginative songs,” scathed Rolling Stone in an infamous hatchet job.
ledzep  music  review  anniversary  60s  record 
4 days ago by rgl7194
Digging into the MASSIVE Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Master Set – theLamleyGroup
If you ordered the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Master Set from HWC last month, let me guess your first impression when it arrived:
“Damn, this thing is big.”
That was mine. Mattel sent me a set to preview, and the first thing I had to do to even consider showcasing it was to make space in my office.
Second impression?
“Damn, Hot Wheels did a lot of stuff to celebrate their 50th.”
And well they should have. It was a big year for a big brand. Hot Wheels did 11 different lines to mark the anniversary, and they are all here, with unique packaging.
This set is still available, and I will say it isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of ways for us nerds to celebrate the 50th in our collections, and this set is probably the most complete. But it is huge.
Still worth it though. The packaging is amazing, and it is cool to have all these models with the Factory Sealed stickers. My guess is this is the only way to have that on most of these sets. Maybe having the 50th Faves black Gasser with the sticker is reason enough to have it for you hardcore 55 Gasser collectors.
Nonetheless, here it is...
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Led Zeppelin’s Eponymous Debut Album ‘Led Zeppelin’ Turns 50 | Anniversary Retrospective — Albumism
Happy 50th Anniversary to Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut album Led Zeppelin, originally released in the US January 12, 1969.
Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut is turning 50 and it’s a reason to celebrate. As far as inaugural albums go, Led Zeppelin is a genre and era essential.
1969 is a world away from the present day. But the one thing we have in common with it is the variety of music being made. Of course now there’s quadruple the choices and genres, but for an analog world, 1969 offered plenty of options. From Zappa’s Hot Rats to The Who’s Tommy to Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica to the decade-defining attitude on The 5th Dimension’s The Age of Aquarius, Zeppelin was doing what their contemporaries were doing: standing out. Looking back on a debut album more than twice my age allows me perspective critics of the 1960s never had. So how does it hold up?
Led Zeppelin has barely aged a day! The record starts with a bang: a simple chord riff still instantly recognizable five decades later. “Good Times Bad Times” announces who Zeppelin is: they’re loud and they’re precise. The best part of the whole album is how full of surprises it is.
music  ledzep  60s  review  anniversary  record 
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Led Zeppelin At 50: Every Zep Song, Ranked By Revenue Generated | Billboard
To coincide with the band’s and LZ 1’s 50th anniversary, as well as Page’s 75th birthday today (Jan. 9), Billboard has ranked the Led Zeppelin catalog, song by song, based on revenue generated by digital activity since the band’s music first became available at download stores like iTunes and on-demand services like Spotify. (The methodology on how this ranking was compiled can be found at the bottom of this post.)
But it's important to note that while revenue serves as the basis of the ranking, Billboard only counted revenue where the consumer made a choice, either by downloading a song or playing a stream on-demand. That means that other revenue generators -- where professionals make choices like which songs to play on the radio, or which song to put in a TV show or to physically release as a single -- were not considered, because the consumer wasn’t involved in those choices.
Therefore, this list is a true gauge of the popularity of the songs within the band’s catalog, because the Zeppelin fans’ actions generated the revenue upon which this ranking is based. Here now is Billboard’s ranking of the most popular Led Zeppelin songs as voted on by U.S. consumers with their time and money, with an observation or two about each of the 94 songs -- total revenue generated: $21,607,542.71 -- in the band’s catalog.
music  ledzep  money  songs  ranking  anniversary  download  streaming  top_ten 
7 days ago by rgl7194
30 Years Ago In the Studio: Led Zeppelin I- Jimmy Page, Robert Plant | In The Studio with Redbeard
Thirty years ago In the Studio  episode #20 for November 7, 1988 featured what turned out to be my first of many subsequent in-depth conversations about the Led Zeppelin legacy with band mastermind Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. There was considerable buzz in the rock music world recently when Jimmy Page, the brilliantly gifted architect of the Led Zeppelin sound since it was unleashed  fifty years ago, announced that he was personally overseeing a comprehensive updating of the entire Led Zeppelin catalog as deluxe editions with remastered sound, new twenty-first century artwork and graphics, previously unreleased demos, alternate mixes, and those notoriously bootlegged live Led Zeppelin concert performances.  Both Led Zeppelin I   and II   came out in 1969 barely ten months apart,  and then  the transitional, often under-appreciated Led Zeppelin III ,  which together comprised the initial deluxe reissues. To explore each, we arranged for Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones to go “under the hood” to reveal the thoughtful approach to the Led Zeppelin sound, echoes of which are apparent to this very day.- Redbeard
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GarageBand Turns 15 – 512 Pixels
In 2003, iLife was a huge selling point for the Mac. It made managing photos, making movies and burning DVDs all easy (and even fun!) for users who found more pro-focused apps difficult to approach.
At Macworld 2004 — 15 years ago this weekend — Steve Jobs introduced GarageBand.
I’ve watched this keynote section before, but in reviewing it this week, I was struck by how underrated it is. I think it’s in the top handful of Jobs performances on stage.
He opened the section citing research that said half of U.S. households had at least one person who currently played a musical instrument. That number seemed surprising to me at the time, but he argued that this meant GarageBand had huge market potential.
The program was designed for who weren’t trained as audio engineers. Users could mix up to 64 tracks, blending digital instruments and loops with their own music and vocals to create songs right at home. The loops Apple included were smart; their pitch and tempo were adjusted automatically to better blend with any given project.
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'The good Earth' - Six Colors
It’s the 50th anniversary of perhaps the most remarkable photograph ever taken, Earthrise. Stephen Hackett and I covered Apollo 8 in detail on Liftoff earlier this month, and photographer Bill Anders has just written about it at You can also see a pretty great short film about it.
In what was at that time the biggest television broadcast in terms of audience ever, the crew described the moon as they orbited it, and then ended the broadcast with a reading from Genesis and, finally, with this:
And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas - and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.
The crew fired their engine to leave lunar orbit and return to Earth on Christmas Day from behind the moon, out of radio contact with the rest of humanity. When they finally saw the Earth again, Jim Lovell broke radio silence to declare, “Please be informed there is a Santa Claus.”
space  astronomy  photography  earth  moon  anniversary 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 (HW 50th Race Team)
What an awesome special 50th Anniversary car from the Hot Wheels mainline set! The blue paint job along with the "50" rims are a nice touch!
70s  cars  ford  hot_wheels  anniversary 
16 days ago by rgl7194
0DAYROX ► Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Prog, Classic Rock news: QUEENSRYCHE - Empire [20th Anniversary Edition remastered] (2-CD)
Also requested among the QUEENSRYCHE discography, here's the pretty expensive 2-CD box version of their multi-platinum album “Empire”. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its original release, this classic album was remastered with the addition of a bonus disc including 13 bonus tracks, among them 10 previously unreleased live performances recorded in 1990 at London’s Hammersmith Odeon.
“Empire” went triple platinum and spawned Top 10 modern hard rock hits as “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman” and “Another Rainy Night”, the Top 20 single “Anybody Listening?” and the Top 30 singles “Best I Can” and “Empire”.
In the U.S. the album peaked at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #10 in UK, and the album's international success led to Queensrÿche's 18-month headlining “Building Empires” world tour, the band's longest trek to date.
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MOJO 301 – December 2018: Led Zeppelin — Mojo
Led Zeppelin: 50th Anniversary Splurge with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Plus Dylan, Kinks, Queen, Kurt Kile and magical folk and blues guitar CD.
FIFTY YEARS SINCE their inception, Led Zeppelin’s surviving members relive the highs and lows of reinventing rock. Their extraordinary imperial ’70s, the terrible loss of John Bonham, the O2 triumph and much more in all-new interviews. Meanwhile, inspired by the band’s graceful acoustic interludes, our covermount CD – entitled Black Water Sides – draws together atmospheric folk and blues guitar studies from the ’70s till now, featuring Bert Jansch, Ryley Walker, Roy Harper, Jack Rose, Steve Gunn, Michael Chapman and more. Also in the issue: Ray and Dave Davies renew their membership of The Village Green Preservation Society; new revelations from Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks sessions; Kurt Vile reconfigures indie rock; Brian May on the controversial new Queen movie; Damon Albarn and Paul Simonon reboot The Good, The Bad & The Queen; Bauhaus, Idles, The Beastie Boys, Soft Cell, and powerful posthumous transmissions from Charles Bradley, Richard Swift, Chas Hodges, Otis Rush and Marty Balin. And more.
music  ledzep  anniversary  magazine  interview  JPJ  jimmy_page  robert_plant 
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Led Zeppelin - Official Website | News
LED ZEPPELIN 50th Anniversary celebrated in the latest MOJO magazine available now (#301 / Dec. 2018) featuring all-new interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.
music  ledzep  anniversary  magazine  interview  JPJ  jimmy_page  robert_plant 
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Photos: 50 Years Since Apollo 8 Showed Us 'Earthrise' - The Atlantic
On December 21, 1968, three humans climbed atop a massive rocket and left our planet for a six-day, round-trip journey to our nearest companion in the solar system, the moon. During the Apollo 8 mission, NASA astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders flew hundreds of thousands of miles across translunar space, becoming the first human beings to see the entirety of the Earth at once with their own eyes. They orbited the moon 10 times, and came within 70 miles of the surface, taking dozens of photographs, including one of the most famous and powerful images in human history, Earthrise, a compelling view of our home world, vibrant and colorful, contrasted against the forbidding blackness of space and the challenging landscape of the moon. Fifty years ago, Apollo 8 set the stage for Apollo 11, when men would first set foot on the moon, seven months later.
photography  anniversary  space  travel  astronomy  in_focus 
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The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ Resurfaces in Enthralling, Expanded Form to Mark Its Half-Century Milestone | Album Review — Albumism
The Beatles
The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) Super Deluxe Edition
Okay, so this is going to be a long one. It’s not only about the legendary, polarizing and super-long 1968 self-titled double-album by the Beatles, more affectionately known as The White Album. It’s about its 2018 reissue subtitled the 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition. A lot has been said, written and debated about this iconic album. It’s diverse, unfocused, charming, confusing, and most importantly, it gets to effectively showcase a band morphing into what they didn’t know was going to be their final form.
In the context of the composition, recording, and release of this album, the Fab Four solidified their status as a youth force for Western culture with no parallel in pop music. The double-LP fully displays a dualism ever-present in their discography, a fame-fueled social claustrophobia, along with a wide openness for new trends and sounds coming from contemporary artists. The presence of ska, music hall, proto-metal, musique concrète, acoustic ballads, and even Chicago blues spoof efforts have all been famously noted in assessments of the record.
The broad genre and style range makes it clear that each band member was diversifying their interests while distancing themselves from the Beatle brand they had created. The loose, jam-like arrangements on some themes exhibit the Rolling Stones and The Band as influences. Soul music luminaries like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, and Sam Cooke seem to have impacted Paul McCartney’s delivery. Elmore James-like 12-bar-blues songs are more present here than in any other of the group’s previous LPs. Once it dropped in November 1968, The Beatles was met with acclaim by American and British press, which has aided in propelling it to become the group’s best-selling effort to date.
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