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In search of Sub Pop's soul: celebrating 30 years of the label that gave us Nirvana, the Seattle Sound and 'cob nobblers' - NME
‘Going Bankrupt Since 1988,' they used to say, but still thriving in 2018. We head to Sub Pop's 30th birthday party in Seattle to find out how the indie label achieved their dream of world domination
In 1988, underground radio DJ Jonathan Poneman and fanzine editor Bruce Pavitt quit their day jobs to dedicate themselves full-time to running their independent record label. Three decades later, I’m stood in a departure terminal at LAX looking across the tarmac at the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 which will take me to Seattle. It’s covered in what looks like huge flightcase stickers that all read: ‘SUB POP’.
I have questions. How do you go from making a few scribbled notes in Seattle’s Uptown Espresso coffee shop to becoming one of the world’s most famous record labels, with your name painted down a plane’s fuselage? What was it about the remote Pacific North West that allowed it to incubate grunge, the sound that would change the world? And most pressingly: Does this mean they’ll let me play ‘God’s Balls’ by Tad over the tannoy?
The answer to one of those questions is: ‘No’. The rest will take some explaining.
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Led Zeppelin Held Its First Rehearsal 50 Years Ago This Week – Variety
Sometime during the week of Aug. 12, 1968, the band that would take over the world as Led Zeppelin held its first rehearsal in a small basement room in central London.
The preceding May, Yardbirds guitarist and session veteran Jimmy Page found himself without a band when the other three members — who’d seen some success since the group first formed in 1963, but had fallen out of fashion — abruptly quit. With a Scandinavian tour already booked, Page and manager Peter Grant united bassist/keyboardist and fellow sessioneer John Paul Jones (with whom the guitarist had performed on songs by Donovan and others) with two young musicians from the British Midlands, singer Robert Plant and powerhouse drummer John Bonham, both 20, who’d played together in a group called Band of Joy.
Page’s initial choices had been singer Terry Reid — who he’d seen when Reid was a fellow opening act with the Yardbirds on a Rolling Stones 1966 tour — and Procol Harum drummer B.J. Wilson, with whom he’d played on Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help From My Friends” album. Both declined — and how different would the world be if they hadn’t?
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RT : 50 years ago. Prague Spring: AFP reports on the Soviet invasion
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'The Fugitive' Still Won’t Quit, 25 Years Later - The Atlantic
The Harrison Ford–starring thriller represents the best of a genre that has faded: the character-driven action movie for adults.
This movie was not supposed to be good. Here’s the plot: A middle-aged cardiovascular surgeon’s wife is killed by a one-armed man, and said surgeon is sent to death row. But his bus crashes on the way to prison, then a train crashes into the bus crash, then Dr. Richard Kimble escapes to go on the run with five U.S. marshals on his heels. This is literally the opening 20 minutes of The Fugitive.
Not even the actors themselves were convinced The Fugitive was going to be good. Harrison Ford thought it would be his Hudson Hawk, Bruce Willis’s $51 million flop from 1991. Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the lead marshal, thought The Fugitive marked the end of his career. But then this action thriller, the one that was written off as quickly by its stars as its hero is by the law, became the third-highest-grossing film of 1993. And then it was nominated for seven (seven!) Oscars—including Best Picture. And then it actually won one of those Oscars (well, Jones did). Perhaps even more surprising is that this piece of $70 million popcorn amusement from the ’90s is still a cultural touchstone 25 years later, largely because action movies like it are so rare now.
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The App Store at 10: The Next Decade – MacStories
The App Store has changed the world. Over the last decade society as we know it has been irrevocably shaped by the App Store and its products.
Just as no one 10 years ago could have predicted where the App Store would have brought us today, so is it impossible to guess what the next decade might bring. There's no stopping us from trying though.
As we close out our App Store anniversary week coverage, here are our hopes and expectations for the next 10 years.
ios  apps  store  anniversary 
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Personal App Store Stories from the MacStories Team – MacStories
Over the past week we've released articles and podcast episodes documenting the stories of Apple and third-party developers during the App Store's decade of life, but as our celebration week nears its end, we wanted to shift gears and share our own stories.
The story of the App Store doesn't just belong to Apple, nor is it limited to the developers who have made the App Store such a vibrant marketplace. Everyone who has ever downloaded an app on their iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch has their own story of the App Store's impact on their life. In that vein, here are the MacStories team's personal stories of what the Store and its products have meant to us.
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Game On: A Decade of iOS Gaming – MacStories
Nowhere has the App Store’s impact been more profound than the game industry. Roughly one-third of the 500 initial apps that debuted on the App Store were games. The percentage of games on the App Store has risen over the past 10 years, but not by much. By some estimates, between 35 and 40 percent of the App Store's apps are games today. What has changed is the size of the Store. With over 2.1 million apps currently available for download, that means around 800,000 are games.
Mobile gaming has become the primary driver of growth in the game industry over the past several years. According to a recent report by Newzoo, the mobile game industry, in which iOS plays a central role, will be a $100 billion market in just three years time.
apps  store  games  anniversary  ios 
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Interview with the author of ‘The Dodgers: 60 Years in Los Angeles’ - True Blue LA
Interview with author Michael Schiavone and review of his book The Dodgers: 60 Years in Los Angeles
A few new books on Dodger-related topics have been published this season, but one tackles the entire chronology of the Dodgers from 1958 to the present.
Michael Schiavone took on this task in his new book The Dodgers: 60 years in Los Angeles that was released earlier this year. (See my review in the sidebar to this article.)
Recently I conducted an e-mail interview with Schiavone, who grew up in Australia and initially learned to love baseball and the Dodgers through highlights of the 1988 World Series between the Dodgers and the Oakland Athletics.
baseball  dodgers  anniversary  books 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Camaro (2017 Walmart Exclusive Zamac - Camaro Fifty)
Love my Zamacs! Too bad they are always so hard to find where I am, oh well. Just makes it that much sweeter when I get them!
cars  hot_wheels  camaro  60s  zamac  anniversary 
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Watch Pearl Jam & MC50 Perform “Kick Out the Jams” | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Also, Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden reunite for first time since Chris Cornell's passing
Pearl Jam headlined Belgium’s Rock Werchter over the weekend, delivering a powerful 24-song performance. The setlist included a dedication to fellow headliner Jack White (“Spin the Black Circle”), a guest appearance from Jack Johnson for John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and a number of jabs at President Donald Trump. One of the biggest surprises came early in the set, however, when PJ welcomed out Wayne Kramer and his MC50 band to play MC5’s classic “Kick Out the James”.
The stage was packed during the performance, as MC50’s Kramer, Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Dug Pinnick (King’s X), Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrilla) joined the entirety of Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder and Kramer traded verses and split the final refrain as the onslaught of guitars shredded out over the crowd. Take a look a crowd-shot footage of the collaboration below.
music  pj  reunion  hard_rock  60s  anniversary  SG 
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Announcing the forthcoming publication Led Zeppelin Live 1975 – 1977:
Aside from the Evenings With Led Zeppelin I’ve also been involved in the above title in an Editor and collator role.
Firstly some facts and figures:
Led Zeppelin Live – 1975 – 1977  ACC Editions/Iconic Images
Featuring the Led Zeppelin photographs of Terry O Neill, Michael Brennan and Baron Wolman
Text, captions and editing by Dave Lewis
190 pages
140 approx. black and white photos – 32 approx. colour photos
Large format Hardback
Embossed cover
Publication late July
Price £20 approx..
ledzep  music  photography  70s  books  anniversary 
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10 Years of App Store Controversies – MacStories
The App Store is a wildly successful product. In 2017 alone it brought Apple somewhere in the range of $11.4 billion, and app developers pocketed $26.5 billion – an increase of 30% over 2016. To kick off 2018, New Year's Day alone yielded $300 million of App Store purchases. With ever-more Apple devices in the world, the rest of 2018 is sure to end up in the record books.
When the App Store first launched in 2008, it was an unproven concept in the software market. Historically when you wanted to download software for your computer, you would usually visit the developer's website, which handled both the payment and actual download. While it could be argued that smartphones at that time weren't proper "computers," the computer designation undoubtedly fit the iPhone. With its powerful operating system built on Mac OS X, the expectation from many developers was that, eventually at least, the device would gain access to native third-party apps through traditional means. Instead, the iPhone – and subsequently, the iPad – has remained a closed platform. And for 10 years now, the App Store has been that platform's sole gatekeeper.
apple  apps  store  anniversary 
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How the iPhone and App Store Have Redefined Accessible Software – MacStories
Everyone acknowledges the societal and technological effects the iPhone has had on the world. In late 2007, Time named the original model its "invention of the year," and rightfully proclaimed it "the phone that changed phones forever." Eleven years on, it is genuinely difficult to remember the world before the iPhone existed. Whatever your platform allegiance, there can be no disputing that the first iPhone pioneered the notion that everyone should carry a touchscreen supercomputer with them wherever they go. In hindsight, Steve Jobs wasn’t exaggerating when he boasted Apple would reinvent the phone.
Yet for everything the iPhone has meant to smartphones and to the world, there is a segment of users for which the iPhone has been truly revolutionary: disabled people. For many people with disabilities, myself included, the iPhone was the first accessible smartphone. The device’s multitouch user interface and large (for the time) display represented a total break from the smartphone conventions of the day. An unheralded ramification of this was how accessible these features made the iPhone. For example, the soft keyboard allowed users to compose text messages and emails without struggling with the T9 keyboards that were commonplace at the time. Likewise, the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display was considered large for the day, which made seeing content markedly easier than on the postage stamp-sized displays that dominated cell phones then. It’s a testament to the original iPhone’s greatness that its fundamental components were so solid that they redefined accessible computing, all without being "accessible" in the traditional sense. Its impact is put into greater perspective when you consider the first two versions of iOS (née iPhone OS) didn’t contain discrete accessibility features. The first bunch, VoiceOver, Zoom, and Mono Audio debuted in 2009 with the 3GS.
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