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Vector, Anki’s cute robot companion, is available today • Engadget
Imad Khan:
<p>Anki's Vector, the $2m Kickstarter darling, is out today, and he's ready to be your best friend. Vector is the follow-up to Anki's first Robot, Cozmo. While Cozmo was more focused on being a toy for kids, Vector aims to be a robot assistant. It will even have Alexa integration by the end of the year, giving it access to a larger trove of information to be able to answer more questions.

Vector's defining characteristic are its large, expressive eyes. The Wall-E-esque nature of the robot gives it an adorable personality. And even while you're typing away at your desk, Vector will be doing its own thing, exploring and messing around. It can even do tricks, like pop a wheelie.

Vector has a front-facing camera that can recognize your face, as well as a four-microphone array on top for voice commands. And whenever Vector runs low on battery, he'll truck on over to a charging port and juice up.

Anki will be updating Vector throughout its lifespan.</p>

Anki was the company which wowed Apple's WWDC back in 2013 when they showed their self-driving cars - the very neat Anki Drive, a sort of Scalextric where the cars figured out the track themselves - but since then it doesn't seem to have had that many hits. Interesting company; maybe the crowdfunding model is the right way to find what people really want.
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4 days ago by charlesarthur
Cloze Blanks - AnkiWeb
poor reviews, and no 2.1 support
might be worth forking/improving?
14 days ago by perspectivelute

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