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Augmenting Long-term Memory | MetaFilter
I have used Anki for memorizing facts for bar trivia. I had a deck with all the U.S. presidents, their terms of service, their parties, their home states, and a few other facts like information about assassinations and unusual elections. I also had a deck of U.S. states, their capitals, the year the entered the union, and stuff like “Which state is the granite state?” Etc. At one point I had a deck with all winners of the Best Picture Oscar going back to 1950. I really could recall all these things too. It is surprising and almost uncanny how Anki lets you cram random facts in your brain.
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6 days ago by craniac
Augmenting Long-term Memory
Guide to the why behind Anki and practices for using it.
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8 days ago by dehowell

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