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Spaced Rep and Interleaved Practice - Ditch the 10,000 hour rule! Why Malcolm Gladwell’s famous advice falls short |
HHere’s a study that may surprise you. A group of eight-year-olds practiced tossing beanbags into buckets in gym class. Half of the kids tossed into a bucket three feet away. The other half mixed it up by tossing into buckets two feet and four feet away. After twelve weeks of this they were all tested on tossing into a three-foot bucket. The kids who did the best by far were those who’d practiced on two- and four-foot buckets but never on three-foot buckets.
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10 hours ago by mfernando
My BIGGEST Discovery From Tweaking the Anki Setting – Master How To Learn
This is the default Anki's setting: From Anki's Manual: New interval controls how much Anki should reduce the previous interval by. If the card had a 100 day interval, the default of 0% would reduce the interval to 0 In the default Anki setting, if you get a card wrong, the New Interval for lapses…
9 days ago by LachmanBhatia
Augmenting Long-term Memory
Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. – Richard Feynman
By contrast, when I'm reading in support of some creative project, I ask much better Anki questions. I find it easier to connect to the questions and answers emotionally. I simply care more about them, and that makes a difference. So while it's tempting to use Anki cards to study in preparation for some (possibly hypothetical) future use, it's better to find a way to use Anki as part of some creative project.
23 days ago by tonyyet
Learn fast and forget about forgetting |
Back in the late 1980s, the SuperMemo World company was first to apply computers to optimize intervals between repetitions. Today, we are still the world leader in research on human long-term memory. Although spaced repetition is common in educational apps nowadays, SuperMemo continues to be the unique source of original research and development in this field.

With the SuperMemo method, you can memorize thousands of words, facts and rules, once and for all. The algorithm makes sure that you minimize the time you spend on learning and repetitions, and achieve your learning goals in the most effective way.
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24 days ago by euler
HN:Wired story on SuperMemo, Anki and Piotr Wozniak (2008)
SuperMemo is a program that keeps track of discrete bits of information you've learned and want to retain. For example, say you're studying Spanish. Your chance of recalling a given word when you need it declines over time according to a predictable pattern. SuperMemo tracks this so-called forgetting curve and reminds you to rehearse your knowledge when your chance of recalling it has dropped to, say, 90 percent.
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