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Spirit - The animation tool for the web
Spirit is the animation tool for the web.
CSS  Animations 
2 days ago by nanoxd
Alice in Web Animations API Land
Animation is back in the web development tool chest! We know of declarative CSS Animations and Transitions and fully featured JavaScript animation libraries like GreenSock, but there's an upcoming third option: the Web Animation API! In this talk Rachel Nabors will take you on a magical journey with Alice from Wonderland to show you how this new API is used to run the CSS Animations in your browser and how you can use it to generate and manipulate animations in your project. Colorful, interactive, useful fun for all disciplines.
fridayfrontend  video  animation  animations  api  css  javascript  browsers 
8 days ago by spaceninja
GitHub - bodymovin/bodymovin: after effects to html library
2 years ago
.npmignore reversing text path 2 years ago version 4.11.1
svg  animations 
9 days ago by creditcardnumber
iOS: Animate TableView Updates – iOS App Development – Medium
Most data-driven apps use the server to fetch a new data and then display this data in the table view. When you reload the data, some of the items in your collection may not change, or the collection may only add/delete a few items without affecting all other items. Calling .reloadData() on the tableView will update the entire tableView instantly and scroll it back to the top. Not the best user experience, right? In the most cases, you want smooth updates of appropriate sections and rows with a nice animation and without any flicks, jumps, or scrolls. We will touch some advance and useful techniques, such as Protocol Conformance, Generics, Custom Subscripts (swift 4), Higher Order Functions, etc. Enjoy your reading!
ios  tables  uitableview  animation  data  animations 
23 days ago by dlkinney

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