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This is the code repo for a blog post on how your can use a bunch of awesome technologies to convert videos on your phone into animated GIFs. I highly encourage you to walk through the entire tutorial to get this software up-and-running on your VPS.
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2 days ago by dogwonder
This program finds loops in videos and allows the user to export them as gifs.
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14 days ago by jonty
Watch Google tease Android L (Licorice?), the Nexus 6 and 9 in new animated ads
Big G is taking its Android L/Nexus 6/Nexus 9 hype-building campaign to new vagueness heights, but fortunately, we’re likely a day or so away from the three’s official launches. As cute and charming as Google’s newest trio of Android video commercials might be, it’s time the search giant stopped playing games. It was fun for...

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Watch  Google  tease  Android  L  (Licorice?)  the  Nexus  6  and  9  in  new  animated  ads 
16 days ago by vrzone

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