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Whippersnapper is an automated screenshot tool to keep a visual history of content on the web.

The concept for Whippersnapper first came up as a last-ditch backup system for the Washington Post's live election results maps. Election nights are notoriously volatile for news organizations, so we planned to store static image versions of our results maps throughout the night in case the need for a fallback arose.
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3 days ago by tma
A desktop app for finding and inserting GIFs into any conversation

Oh yes.
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3 days ago by jm
alexk111/SVG-Circus · GitHub
cool spinners, loaders and other looped animations in seconds
animated  Create  SVG  from twitter
10 days ago by alvar
3D Animated Mockup in CSS and jQuery | CodyHouse
3D Animated Mockup

A simple template to showcase your application features through a smooth 3d animation, powered by CSS and jQuery.
design  css  3D  Animated  Mockup  showcase  aoo 
11 days ago by fiona
OSM Growth
What is this? It's about 7 years of OpenStreetMap growth. Each step in the animation is 72 days, and the colors alternate between red and blue. The data is from Latest Weekly Changesets from, processed into an SQLite database with sometimemachine.
osm  openstreetmap  animation  changes  animated  gif  video 
12 days ago by tma
Gif to Video - Convert a Gif to a mp4 Video for free.
Upload your gif here, and get a shareable mp4 back - for free!
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14 days ago by rtopitt

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