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Introducing SpinKit | Tobias Ahlin
animated loading symbols. Quite classy and makes unusual change from default. CSS only
webdesign  web  design  animate  animated  animation  spinner  loader  symbol  css  css-only 
yesterday by piperh
Animating Link Underlines | Tobias Ahlin
animated link underline - the underline appears and draws outwards from centre.
webdesign  web  design  animated  animate  animation  link  underline 
yesterday by piperh
Moving Letters | Text animated with JavaScript & anime.js
really nice series of animated texts, classy effects. Needs js
webdesign  web  design  graphic  typography  text  font  javascript  js  animation  anime  animated 
yesterday by piperh
Professional HTML5 banners and HTML5 web banners with BannersMall
For over 14 years, Banners Mall has been providing with some of the finest banner designs to clients over 6 countries. For us, customer satisfaction is very important and we have been successful in achieving 12000+ super happy customers.

Being a graphic and web designing company, we have been actively involved with all kind of banners including HTML5 banner design, HTML5 animated banners and web banners. In this digital age, it is vital to create responsive ads. HTML5 banners and animated ads proves to be beneficial as they have replaced the traditional ”one size fit all” ads and are more responsive and flexible.
html5  banner  design  banners  animated  web  ads 
2 days ago by ArjunDoto
Get your unique web design banners and html5 banners with BannersMall
Banners Mall believes in client satisfaction and our exclusive handcrafted designs along with years of experience make us the best in the industry. We provide a super fast service in terms of delivering the designs without compromising with the quality of work. Our overall satisfactory percentage is 100% and there is a cash back policy in case the revisions on designs are not approved by the customer. We have 200,000 unique handcrafted designs as we don’t believe in using standard design template.

Our work includes banner design, web banner design and banner animations which are primarily designed to create traffic and generate more reaches. Because of the exclusivity of our designs, we manage to create a design that depicts brand acceptance and appreciation.
banner  design  web  animated  banners 
2 days ago by ArjunDoto
Why women prefer erotic GIFs to steamy pornography videos - Sex Relationships
In the midst of an animated chat on a WhatsApp group recently, a friend took us by surprise with the casual mention of porn GIFs. "Have you seen it?" she asked.
animated  gifs  desire  dissemination  erotica  gifbites  heteronormativity  identity  images  porn  pornography  press  stream 
21 days ago by therourke

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