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This Starving Polar Bear Broke a Photographer's Heart
National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen was visiting the Baffin Islands in Canada this summer when he came across a heartbreaking sight: a starving polar bear on an iceless land.
Nicklen captured this footage of the bear, which National Geographic just published...
The video “shows the polar bear clinging to life, its white hair limply covering its thin, bony frame,” writes National Geographic. One of the bear’s back legs drags behind it as it walks, likely due to muscle atrophy. Looking for food, the polar bear slowly rummages through a nearby trashcan used seasonally by Inuit fishers. It finds nothing and resignedly collapses back down onto the ground.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
A couple of giraffes invite themselves to breakfast
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3 days ago by kger
A Very Old Man Wolf
OR4’s ancestors didn’t ask to be relocated to the lower 48. And while gray wolves have arguably restored a lost component to western ecosystems, they returned to a place much changed—a place full of people, of fat hornless cattle, of snack-sized sheep, of rubber bullets and range riders and firecrackers and helicopters and tranquilizers and traps and collars and GPS signals and government regulations. OR4 never failed as a wolf. He broke human rules. And in the 21st century, being a competent wolf isn’t enough to stay alive. You must also—impossibly—know your place.
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3 days ago by winekitteh
Sir Toby Toblerone | Facebook
"My name is Toby and I am a disabled cat who can't walk but I have a fantastic home and life and want to share my adventures with you."
6 days ago by Anne
Desi Dog Adoption
adopt an Indian stray dog puppy from New Delhi
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7 days ago by mhd
Greenland shark - Wikipedia
The Greenland shark has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species.[20] One Greenland shark was tagged off Greenland in 1936 and recaptured in 1952. Its measurements suggest that Greenland sharks grow at a rate of 0.5–1 cm (0.2–0.4 in) per year.[21] In 2016, a study based on 28 specimens that ranged from 81 to 502 cm (2.7–16.5 ft) in length determined by radiocarbon dating of crystals within the lens of their eyes, that the oldest of the animals that they sampled, which also was the largest, had lived for 392 ± 120 years (a minimum of 272 years and a maximum of 512 years). The authors further concluded that the species reaches sexual maturity at about 150 years of age.[20][22][23]
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8 days ago by benjekman
L’intelligence des corvidés
ais oui et d’ailleurs ces oiseaux qui préfèrent parfois les noix aux cacahuètes ont trouvé un moyen très efficace de les casser. Certains de nos auditeurs ont peut-être déjà observé des corneilles postées au-dessus de feux tricolores, attendre que le feu passe au rouge pour faire tomber leur noix devant les roues du véhicule et attendre que le feu repasse au rouge pour emprunter le passage piéton et aller chercher le biscuit apéritif débarrassé de sa coque. 

Pour se nourrir les corvidés font preuve d’une intelligence remarquable avec des capacités de planifications étonnantes. La chercheuse Valérie Dufour qui s’intéresse aux mécanismes cognitifs chez les animaux a observé des prouesses chez le corbeau qui dépasse parfois en rapidité et en efficacité celles des primates.

Les grands corbeaux peuvent ainsi patienter plusieurs minutes dans l’espoir d’échanger un pauvre morceau de pain contre du raisin ou de la saucisse. 

Plus l’aliment est attractif et plus le corbeau peut attendre. Un signe d’intelligence émotionnelle qui implique la maîtrise de soi puisque ces oiseaux arrivent à établir un rapport entre la qualité de la denrée et le coût lié à l’attente.  
9 days ago by lutzray
Pigeons grasp the abstract concepts of space and time
New research adds to the growing recognition that animals beyond humans and primates show abstract intelligence.
an organism does not have to perfectly mimic the human system to arrive at its own kind of intelligence.

-- Melissa Breyer
TreeHugger | | 5 dec 2017
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9 days ago by tometaxu

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