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For scholars, advocates for , et al.-- please mark your calendars for Nov. 2018 publication…
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4 days ago by ritwik
Woodstock Sanctuary
Perfectly situated in Woodstock, NY, couple Jenny Brown and Doug Abel began the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in late 2004 with a small group of rescued chickens from a factory farm, and a rooster who had been dumped in a NYC schoolyard. Their wedding in October of 2004, the first fundraiser for the sanctuary, took place on what is now the new pasture and barn for rescued goats and sheep.
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6 days ago by kiranmaxweber
on humans and animals
good short piece on how humans are often individually kind, individually horrific, and culturally just unthinking in attitudes to animals around them. Brandon Keim in the Atlantic
7 days ago by pml1003
Russian Subway Dogs — Spooky Squid Games
"Every morning dozens of stray dogs make the commute by train from the Moscow suburbs to the downtown core in search of food and fortune."

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7 days ago by robertogreco

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