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🔴A was rescued from the streets near death,
malnourished & neglected 🆘
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march 2018 by stevechic
New investigation exposes at , where factory farmed 🦃 are labeled as "mou…
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november 2017 by andriak
Why the animal welfare records removed by Trump USDA are vital for preventing (2/2)
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february 2017 by pixtl
Why the animal welfare records removed by Trump USDA are vital for preventing (1/2)
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february 2017 by pixtl

Discharged to a pound to be killed
flea infested
She will come to Italy to…
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january 2017 by jennifermjones
'Tragic' polar bear kept at Chinese mall 'for selfies,' group says - Technology & Science - CBC News
What’s China’s excuse for allowing this ? 'Tragic' polar bear kept 'for selfies,' group says
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july 2016 by jstone12
Hormel Supplier Tightens Controls After Animal Abuse Video Goes Viral
A U.S. hog slaughterhouse, where workers were videoed beating animals, took action on Thursday to meet demands from Hormel Foods Corp, its only customer, that it tighten controls and give extra training to staff.

A video released on Wednesday by animal activist group Compassion Over Killing showed workers at the Austin, Minnesota plant, owned by Quality Pork Processors Inc (QPP), beating, dragging and slitting the throats of live animals.

"We are extremely disappointed and concerned to see the recently released undercover video detailing instances of aggressive animal handling and employee insensitivity at one of our supplier facilities," Spam-maker Hormel said in a statement on Thursday.

It said it was bringing humane handling officers to the plant to ensure compliance with its own animal welfare standards. It has also told QPP to provide extra training, enhance compliance oversight and increase third-party auditing.

"We will be in full compliance with Hormel's recommendations," Nate Jansen, QPP's vice president of human resources and quality services, told Reuters. He added that QPP plans to strengthen its video monitoring system and improve animal handling equipment.
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november 2015 by hockendougal

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