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Do not focus on the NavRoute interface. It is just the kind of object that we would pass to a higher level navigate method in our router.effect.ts if we implement NGRX. If you are curious about that take a look here.
angular  example  code  ngrx 
17 hours ago by almai
Welk framework is het beste voor jouw organisatie? Is dat , of ? Op 20 februari vertellen…
Angular  Vue  React  from twitter_favs
17 hours ago by sandermak
ngx-build-plus - npm
Extensible Builder for the Angular CLI suitable not only for Angular Elements.
6 days ago by adamvig
ngx-build-modern - npm
📦 Create optimized bundles for modern browsers
📦 Create legacy bundles for older browsers
📦 Make the browser load the right set of bundles
📦 Automate this all by providing an CLI extension
6 days ago by adamvig

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