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angstslashhope: Merlin Fic: Post Meridian (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
“What is it,” Arthur says, gentler; he’s always less acerbic when he’s got his clothes off, and Merlin has an expression like that: like he’s so wide open that even a playful assault could wound him. “You’re too good for a tumble with a king?”
bbcmerlin  arthur/merlin  angstslashhope  pwp  dubcon  somnophilia 
september 2012 by sitloml
angstslashhope - One Time the Winchesters Never Got Married
“We’re married, Dean,” Sam says, standing again and brandishing his left fist. Dean’s silver ring gleams dully on his ring finger. “I don’t know what the hell you made me do—”
supernatural  sam.winchester/dean.winchester  angstslashhope 
september 2011 by silentfire
angstslashhope - Socktacular Socktacular
It doesn’t take Sam that long to decide that the next time Dean does it, it will be a declaration of war. Sam neglects to tell Dean of this fact, and feels no guilt at all. All’s fair, after all.
supernatural  gen  dean.winchester  sam.winchester  angstslashhope 
september 2011 by silentfire
angstslashhope - One time the Winchesters were pining for the fjords
"So wait," he says again, running the callused pad of his thumb across the blunt blade of the butter knife over and over. "You got kicked out of hell for *fighting*?"
supernatural  gen  dean.winchester  sam.winchester  john.winchester  crackfic  angstslashhope 
september 2011 by silentfire
angstslashhope - Forced Perspective
It's cold out, and with the wind chill factor exponentially so, but John's still driving with his head out the goddamn window like a dog.
supernatural  gen  john.winchester  precanon  hilarity  angstslashhope 
september 2011 by silentfire
angstslashhope - Smokin’ Cigarettes and Watchin’ Captain Kangaroo
“I’m Matt, by the way.” He sticks his hand out toward Jack this time, who takes it automatically, returning a firm, brief grip. “Your Dad’s, uh, your Dad and I are roomies.”
diehard  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  angstslashhope  postcanon  comingout  meetthefamily  wc:5000-10000 
september 2011 by silentfire
Timestamp ficlet - Ianto/Mainframe(/Jack)
This makes me grin and grin. Time stamp takes place after Day 1,081 (part 2) of "Not with a bang or a whimper" []. Post CoE.
Torchwood  JackHarkness  IantoJones  JackHarkness/IantoJones  pg13  angstslashhope  Whoniverse  fic 
july 2009 by greenapricot
Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo
“I’m Matt, by the way.” He sticks his hand out toward Jack this time, who takes it automatically, returning a firm, brief grip. “Your Dad’s, uh, your Dad and I are roomies.”

diehard  john/matt  ★ofnote  angstslashhope  fic 
may 2009 by audiopilot
Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo
There's no doorbell. Jack pauses, lets his bag slip the rest of the way off his shoulder before lifting his arm, rapping his knuckles hard enough that they smart against the solid wood. He bows his head, listening for a response from inside, half-hoping there isn't one―there's a ninety-nine percent chance that his Dad's on duty right now, and Jack's perfectly fine with that. Means that he gets a little longer to sort out what he's going to say to the man he hasn't seen for―shit, months. Probably not since Christmas, if he thinks about it.
fic  fpf  diehard  mcclane/farrell  johnmcclane  mattfarrell  slash  establishedrelationship  angstslashhope  kids  cohabitation 
march 2009 by wolfgrin
Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo | angstslashhope | 7,745 words
“I’m Matt, by the way.” He sticks his hand out toward Jack this time, who takes it automatically, returning a firm, brief grip. “Your Dad’s, uh, your Dad and I are roomies.”
fic  angstslashhope  diehard  mcclane/farrell  words:5000-10000 
february 2009 by walkingshadow
Where the mind goes the winds gather - Supernatural Gen and Slash recs
Bro-yay! Music from Last of the Mohicans. Vid by Angstslashhope (Sam, Dean, Connor, Murphy) Oh those manly men.
vidrec1  recby:black_samavara  spn  angstslashhope  jul08 
december 2008 by veni_vidi_vids › Fic: Forced Perspective
“I can’t.” Sam’s expression turns from one of self-satisfied delight into something with a whole lot more lip-trembling, and John realises at that moment that Sammy - or, more likely, Dean - has used the nameless brown goop to style Sammy’s hair much like that of an Oompa-Loompa’s.
angstslashhope  spn  gen  john  humor  fluff 
november 2008 by thenarcheska
Xina Marie Uhl - Vid Recs: Supernatural, Supernatural Crossover, Dark Angel, Stargate:Atlantis
It's just wonderful - really well made and funny and oh dear GAWD does it bring back memories of the 70's. Channel Hopping by ash4897. Supernatural/Boondock Saints crossover. You get FOUR incredibly hot brothers in this vid, not just two!! This vid made me want to watch Boondock Saints, which I very promptly did. Yum. And the song is amazing! Bro-Yay! by hope. Dark Angel: This Alec vid inspired me to make up a new word. Slobbericious. I feel that this new word accurately describes Jensen's drool appeal, don't you? I SO love things I can describe as kick ass, and this definitely is! I Like the Way You Move (2nd one down on the page) by Thandie. Stargate: Atlantis. sadiane TOTALLY encouraged my Ronon lust by reccing this to me. I would give her my firstborn for that, except that, well, my firstborn is 19 years old already. And how the hell did that happen? Red Moon (1st vid on the page) by sol_se.
vidrec1  recby:twasadark  spn  sga  darkangel  boondocksaints  angstslashhope  ash48  sol_se  thandie  jul08 
november 2008 by veni_vidi_vids

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