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'Angry Birds 2' Is Worse Than The Original In Nearly Every Way
It’s hard to tell exactly what happened with Rovio. They certainly made one incredible game with the original Angry Birds. Granted, it used an open-source physics engine and borrowed the basics of its design from a variety of other titles, but that doesn’t detract from just how well Rovio pulled off the game that came to define the early era of mobile hits. After that, it made some other Angry Birds games. It also made Bad Piggies, which was an odd idea executed poorly. Unlike other developers like Halfbrick, they only doubled down on the success of their one game, attempting to milk the addictive bird-flinging sim for all it was worth. And now we’ve got Angry Birds 2, a game that makes me think that the original’s success was more luck than anything else. Angry Birds 2 is frighteningly similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2 in the way it takes an incredibly popular paid game, turns it free-to-play and manages to completely nuke everything I liked about its predecessor in the process. It’s a shame.

The fact that Angry Birds came as a paid download is not some quirk that could be smoothed out with microtransactions: it was a fundamental piece of the puzzle game that was Angry Birds. You were presented with a level, and a certain number of birds. It was up to you to figure out the best way to deploy those birds to topple the great pig fortress, slowly chipping away at their defenses until you found that one keystone that would send the whole thing toppling down. There’s little of that puzzle solving to be found in Angry Birds 2. Each level is somewhat randomized, both in structure and bird order, leaving you at the whims of some cruel RNG when it comes to actually succeeding or not. In addition, most levels are now 2-3 rooms, meaning that you’re inevitably in trouble if you don’t knock out at least one room in a single bird. It eliminates the careful planning, trial, and error of the original, leaving you instead to just wait until you get a favorable setup or shell out cash for a spell.
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august 2015 by rufous
A Visit To Rovio, Angry Birds HQ In Helsinki
After a 12-hr overnite flight from S’pore to Helsinki, I was finally able to meet the ‘Father of the Angry Birds’ in person!
may 2015 by goajunior
Less than half of Rovio's 800 employees are making games | Polygon
"I think less than half are working on games now," Laes said. "But games will always be at the core of Rovio. That's our heritage. The majority of the folks who have come from different industries to work on different areas of our business, they all experienced the game as their first encounter with the brand. When it comes to future franchises, they'll most likely see the light of day from the games department, rather than another area of our business."

Laes explained that after the success of Angry Birds, rather than focus on putting together a second great mobile hit, Rovio decided to build up the franchise. Laes said Angry Birds "resonated so well" with its audience that the company committed to bolstering the brand, bringing it to new platforms and types of products, "rather than purely focusing on being a games developer."

"If you think about some other evergreen franchises, it's not like they had so much going for them in the beginning either," Laes said. "You have a character that resonates. You have a world that makes sense and that's interesting. Then you take it from there, peeling away the layers of the onion and telling stories that resonate with the fans and making the world a richer place."
rovio  polygon  angry_birds  games  franchises 
january 2014 by rufous
After $1.2 billion success, Rovio sent a gift to a Box2D programmer. - NeoGAF
I remember.. I think it was at GDC, some guy stood up and asked them what 2D physics engine they were using, he speaker said Box2D at which point the guy mentioned that he was the programmer and asked why he wasn't credited. The speaker muttered something about 'seeing him afterwards'. I remember at the time thinking the Rovio chap was pretty rude about it.

I guess it was to get his chest size or something.
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july 2013 by rufous - The Weblog Browser Game Pick: Crush the Castle (Joey Betz, Chris Condon)
Crush the Castle is a remake inspired by Liam Bowmers' Castle Clout, boasting much superior graphics and a better interface than the original had ever offered. The game basically involves knocking down one castle after another with your massive trebuchet machine, as you travel around the map visiting each of the twenty-four locations that the resistance had claimed as their own territories.
You get only a limited number of chances to take out all the inhabitants of a castle. Everything is controlled with the mouse, with additional types of ammunition unlocked once you've beaten a certain number of stages during your adventure. A castle editor feature is also included with the game, where players can share castles of their own design with others using a handy copy and paste function.
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july 2013 by rufous
Box2D creator asks Rovio for Angry Birds credit at GDC | Games |
While developer Rovio is the brains behind the successful game, the physics engine that makes it all possible isn’t. That honor falls to Erin Catto, the creator of the free to use open source Box2D physics engine.
Box2D can be downloaded by any developer and used completely free of charge under the zlib license. That means you can use it as long as the software is not misrepresented. In the case of Box2D you don’t even need to state you are using Box2D if you prefer not to.
Armed with that information, Rovio decided not to credit Box2D in the game. They have every right to do that under the license terms, but you’d think Rovio would, seeing as how important physics is in the game’s functionality.
Catto felt the same way and decided to ask in a very public manner.
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july 2013 by rufous
3D printing with Foldify
Sometimes apps are just appsbut other times theyre cultural phenomena (think Angry Birds). And while the jurys still out on what place in history the new app Foldify will assume, we may have something akin to the addictive Draw Something on our hands; only this time, the end product is something you canquite literallyhold in your hands.

Produced by Pixle, a team of three Poland-based geniuses, Foldify is an iPad app that lets crafty kids of all ages create colorful 3D images with a few taps of the finger, before printing, cutting, and folding them into super-cool figurines. Plus, you dont have to be an artist-in-residence to make the most of this app; Foldify has tons of free content, stamps, and tools to construct your very own mini-masterpiece. And like any savvy app, more add-ons can be purchased from the in-app boutique.

Check out the demo to get the full picture.

Want to make Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars? Actually, my seven-year-old doesand thanks to the templates offered in the apps initial version, a car (along with a bus, tree, house, and shapes) is available to get the ball rolling. Simply pick a template; then use the color brush, pencil, and googly-eyes, hair, mouths, etc., to bring your model to life.

Your work of art then can easily be printed, shared on Facebook or Twitter, sent via email, or posted in the impressive online store, where you can also see and print other inspired works by fellow Foldifiers free of charge). The apps launch price is only $1.99a total steal for the hours of artistic fun youre getting.

One final feature worthy of mention is perhaps my favorite: The real-time 3D preview. A split screen lets you preview what youre drawing, as you draw it. Brilliant!

Who knows if Foldify ultimately will have the mojo needed to become a household name. But if you ask meand my iPad-obsessed 2nd Graderthis thing is about to take off.

Have you tried Foldify? What other approaches to 3D printing have you tried out? Let us know in the comments.

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january 2013 by WorldWideWebb
Angry Birds Creator Has First Original Idea | Game|Life |
Although it copied the concept of Crush the Castle, Rovio improved everything about it: the user interface, the art, the music, the level designs. But it was still based on someone else’s gameplay insight. Another recent Rovio game, Amazing Alex, is a previously existing iPhone game called Casey’s Contraptions that the company bought and rebranded. Good marketing, no innovation.

Just cloning, and not innovating, can be dangerous. Take Zynga (please). The Facebook gamemaker hit it big in 2009 with FarmVille (copied wholesale from Chinese farm games), bought the maker of Words With Friends (a copy of Scrabble), and is mostly in the news today for a lawsuit about an alleged game copy, mass executive evacuations and a stock price that looks like a double black diamond ski slope.

Bad Piggies makes it appear as if Rovio wants to be on a different trajectory. Sure, the characters themselves are spun off from the Angry Birds brand. But gameplay is king, and creating something that doesn’t feel like anything else on the market is the only way that the industry can sustain itself in the long term.

If Rovio continues to produce games like Bad Piggies, it can become something much greater than “the Finnish guys who made Angry Birds.” It might be the first truly powerful force in the games industry born on mobile devices.
rovio  games  games_industry  angry_birds  wired 
october 2012 by rufous
Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies gets its first gameplay trailer
A while ago Rovio announced there would be a sequel to the Angry Birds series, this time from the pigs point of view. It’s called Bad Piggies and instead of simply aiming and flinging things at buildings, you build the pigs different contraptions to try and steal the bird’s eggs. Building cars and flying machines [...]
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september 2012 by robert.spencer
[Submitted by: Firestorm17 For obvious reasons, Dr. Banner is no...
[Submitted by: Firestorm17

For obvious reasons, Dr. Banner is no longer allowed to play Angry Birds.

Personnel who attempt to involve the Hulk in a “live action” version of the game will be held responsible for all property damage and medical bills.

Mr. Stark is advised that developing a smartphone game called “Angry Hulk” is both bad public relations and likely to irritate Dr. Banner.]
the_hulk  iron_man  angry_birds  Nick_Fury  S.H.I.E.L.D.  The_Avengers  marvel  submission  from google
august 2012 by pockethannah
Angry Birds: A Tangible Slingshot Controller
Just when you thought people were getting over Angry Birds, comes this, a super cool, force feedback USB controller for Angry Birds that literally simulates the feeling of a slingshot and comes complete with a TNT activation plunger. And as you can see, everything is controlled by the slingshot, you can control the power, the [...]Related Digital Buzz Posts:Nokia Lumia: Augmented Reality Angry BirdsNokia: Interactive Angry Birds ExperienceAngry Birds Peace Treaty Goes Viral
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august 2012 by marshwah
   — Рио (мультфильм)—— Angry Birds Rio - Nigel Mashup— Лента.ру: Свидетели от бога— #PussyRiot—— gruppa_voina TataRomanovaYa — постик Кермлина
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august 2012 by roma
Core Dump: The Pick of Primary Math Apps
A couple of years ago it was all about ABC apps and the types of educational games that were suitable for preschoolers and younger children. Well, as predicted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center iLearnII Report, elementary school apps have seen a great surge in 2012. The more schools begin to look at the potential and possibilities for tablet devices (most commonly iPads), the more developers are beginning to explore how to meet the needs of students with different learning styles. This is reflected in the growing diversity of math apps out there.

You can find many math apps, but so many of them are simply simulations of the standard math sheet. If parents and schools are investing in apps that simply drill and skill their children and students then that seems to be an expensive investment in touch technology to me. Of course, the ability for many drill and skill apps to be adjusted, allowing you to change the setting to a child’s level, is clever, but given what these “revolutionary” devices offer, I think we can expect more.

Consider also that many math apps that are drill and skill don’t require you to show any working out and usually offer multiple choice selections. There is no way of demonstrating that a child actually understands the mathematical principles behind the answer they have given. So to date, many math apps are useful additions to helping children consolidate their numeracy, but there is still a way to go before mobile devices are actually really supporting deep learning in mathematics.

All that said, there are many fantastic math apps that meet the needs of kinesthetic learners and present math in engaging and entertaining ways. I have played probably over 50 different primary math apps in the last couple of months. These are the ones I highly recommend.

Motion Math (Motion Math Games): $1.99

The original and the benchmark when it comes to math apps. The arrival of this addictive fractions game that has all the hallmarks of a Tetris or Angry Birds has set a standard that is welcomed. The consequence of the early development of this app is that many other developers have been working to develop similar apps that engage children through physical gameplay that requires you to move the phone or engage in immersive gameplay.

Motion Math requires you to tilt your phone so that you move a ball that has a fraction or decimal in the middle. You are trying to land the ball on the right spot on the number line below. Very simple. Highly addictive. Even for adults.

Rocket Math (Dan Russell-Pinson): $0.99

Another original from Dan Russell-Pinson. This app has so many educational aspects that link to different mathematical and creative skills it is a must have on any primary student’s mobile device. Basically, you have to build a rocket using money. You launch that rocket and in space you have the ability to find the solutions to a math problem. The more solutions you find, the more money you earn. When you crash down to earth you can spend that money on building a better rocket, which allows you to spend more time in space and answer more math problems. When you crash, you again spend your money on a better rocket and the cycle continues. The fact the game reinforces the desire to have a better rocket, which allows you to spend more time on math, is very clever. This app is a favorite of students I’ve seen, which is why it seems to spend a lot of time in the Top 100 paid educational apps category.

Marble Math (Artgig Studios)

A new math app from Artgig Studios. They have adapted the standard marble run game into a well designed and thoughtful math game. It requires both game skill to be able to roll the marble and math skill to understand and come up with the solution of where to roll it. The questions offer a range of styles that are numerical and visual and, beyond just providing multiple choice answers, the students actually have to collect different numbers that help complete the answer. This is great as there are many and varied answers and the students have to actually understand the solution to the problem, as guessing like you would on multiple choice will not help you progress. This is a great new math app in the iTunes Store and great for children aged 8-9 years especially.

NumberStax (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt): $1.99

This is a fantastic Tetris-style game that requires you to drop numbers and mathematical symbols into a grid system to create complete equations. When you successfully complete an equation that row disappears and you get more points and more time in the game. A very nice mathematical adaptation of Tetris.

DragonBox (We Want to Know AS): $2.99

Haven’t heard about it yet? Read the GeekDad article, then download this algebra app. You still don’t get the theory here (but you don’t in any math apps at this stage) – but these guys are the Motion Math for 2012.

MathGeometry (Great Software Lab): $1.99

The MathGeometry iPad App is designed with the foundation of math and physics concepts integrated with fun, innovation and aesthetic touch. The app helps younger children learn the concept of triangles in a seamless way through a unique and fun platform game that uses Doodle Jump functionality with triangles. Older children who are masters of the basics of triangles can accelerate their knowledge in a challenging bonus game. It is a cleverly designed and focused app on geometry. More could be done in this space, given the functionality of touchscreen devices; these folks have set the standard.


Roman Backgammon (eoz games): $2.99

This simple backgammon game is well designed to teach children a whole range of mathematical concepts, and backgammon at the same time. It is tools like this one that would be better served in classrooms than simple drill and skill apps. It is a simulation of a board game, but in a class setting the fact you won’t lose pieces or have arguments over who has moved what where can be a useful thing. I include this app because I want to encourage more parents and teachers to use these tools as ways to engage and talk with children about math, not just as way to make us feel better by providing a game that has some educational content. Children will learn best when engaged with the screen and other people simultaneously. So, why not do it over a math game like this one?
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july 2012 by rcr1956

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