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See What Google's Secret Fuchsia OS Looks Like
Looking at photos of Fuchsia in action appears to confirm early rumors that Google wanted to merge Android and Chrome OS, as it offers both phone and laptop modes. Currently, the OS's Fuchsia button, a pair of fuchsia-colored circles, is used to switch between those modes, and a white devices button in the bottom right allows you to rotate the virtual phone between portrait and landscape orientations.
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1 hour ago by jasonsamuels
scrubber mod v2 - Post #195
No config needed. Clear Data of app if you have issues. cstark27_GCam_5.1. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by jbattams
Google Camera with HDR+ Ported to Snapdragon… - Pg. 45 | HTC U11
Home HTC U11 HTC U11 Themes, Apps, and Mods Google Camera with HDR+ Ported to Snapdragon /// UPDATE with links to all versions! by nomaj Email Senior Member Vienna,Belgrade Thanks : 510 More Quote: Originally Posted by newyesor You should extend your arms and stillne via Pocket
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3 hours ago by jbattams
Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook: It works! It actually works! | Ars Technica
We take a look at what Google's experimental, secret OS is up to in early 2018.
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3 hours ago by MattieTK
RT : Looking to get developed an or application for your startup or existing business? We offer Custom Mob…
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10 hours ago by ormg
Android Apps Give Away Secret Keys - Business Insider
i don't explain how the apps were fixed to not have the keys be extractable
android  security  apikey  example 
18 hours ago by squiddisco
EFF and Lookout uncover new malware espionage campaign infecting thousands around the world • Electronic Frontier Foundation
<p>The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and mobile security company Lookout have uncovered a new malware espionage campaign infecting thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Hundreds of gigabytes of data has been stolen, primarily through mobile devices compromised by fake secure messaging clients.

The trojanized apps, including Signal and WhatsApp, function like the legitimate apps and send and receive messages normally. However, the fake apps also allow the attackers to take photos, retrieve location information, capture audio, and more.

The threat, called Dark Caracal by EFF and Lookout researchers, may be a nation-state actor and appears to employ shared infrastructure which has been linked to other nation-state actors.</p>

Fear not, though: it <a href="">works</a> through phishing links which then direct people to third-party app stores. (None hit iOS, for this reason.) Stick to the legit stuff, you're OK.

Still amazing that people do this, ten years after mobile app stores arrived.
apps  malware  android 
19 hours ago by charlesarthur

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