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Gas Pump Skimmers -
Explains skimmers, link to Android app to scan for them.
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16 hours ago by jeffjensen
iPhone 8 Is World's Fastest Phone (It's Not Even Close)
The "Bionic" part in the name of Apple's A11 Bionic chip isn't just marketing speak. It's the most powerful processor ever put in a mobile phone. We've put this chip to the test in both synthetic benchmarks and some real-world speed trials, and it obliterates every Android phone we tested.
performance  android  ios 
yesterday by euler
What is BlueBorne? An Apple Device FAQ | The Mac Security Blog
From the number of inquiries Intego has received throughout the past week, it's evident that "BlueBorne" is something of concern for a lot of users of Apple products.
Let's start with briefly explaining what BlueBorne is, and then delve into how it might affect you and your Apple devices.
What is BlueBorne?
Armis, a company focused on Internet of Things (IoT) security, recently published a site and a white paper detailing eight Bluetooth-related vulnerabilities that they collectively call "BlueBorne."
The name BlueBorne is a portmanteau of the words Bluetooth and airborne, because BlueBorne attacks are wireless by nature.
android  bluetooth  hack  IoT  privacy  security  windows 
yesterday by rgl7194
RT : The Android Masterclass: App Development in Java & Kotlin

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yesterday by ormg
Bytecode Viewer
A Java 8 Jar & Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite (Decompiler, Editor, Debugger & More)
android  java  decompiler  reverse-engineering  bytecode  apk  jar 
yesterday by tp78
Google announces Android 'zero-touch enrollment,' makes rolling out Android devices in organizations easier
I just starred Google announces Android 'zero-touch enrollment,' makes rolling out Android devices in organizations easier on Inoreader
yesterday by jglemza
RT : Never mess with business mobile application development😎
mobileapp  android  business  from twitter
yesterday by ormg
Build delightful and natural conversational experiences
Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational apps with API.AI.

Chatbot / Google Assistant / Actions on Google
ai  development  android 
yesterday by janpeuker

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