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Android Safe to Remove Apps
A few standard system apps that are alright to delete.
10 hours ago by CBanga
nkanaev/bubble: Comic book reader for Android 4.1+
# Bubble


Android comic book reader.

## Features

* Optimized for tablets
* Supports CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR and folder based comics
* Advanced zoom and scaling modes
* Comics/manga reading mode
* Library management with automatic bookmarks
* Simple file browser
* Free, open-source, no ads, gluten-free

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## Contributors

* Nicola Spanti (french translation)
* Alez Boom (spanish translation)
* Markus Dittmann (german translation)
* George Netu (romanian translation)

## License

Source code is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for more info.
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16 hours ago by thedward

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