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Final week! 's sound installation, Down the River, closes Sunday:
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march 2016 by jameswagner
Relationship Science Plans Database of Names and Connections
"It sounds like a Rolodex for the 1 percent: two million deal makers, power brokers and business executives — not only their names, but in many cases the names of their spouses and children and associates, their political donations, their charity work and more — all at a banker’s fingertips. Such is the promise of a new company called Relationship Science."
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february 2013 by gohai
Context Art
Context Art / Kontext Kunst was introduced through the seminal exhibition and an accompanying publication Kontext Kunst. The Art of the 90s[1] curated by Peter Weibel at the Neue Galerie im Künstlerhaus Graz (Austria) in 1993 (..) interest in the use of methods of contextualization to reveal connections between the art works and their conditions of production, whether these were formal, social, or ideologically defined (..) Institutional critique, feminist positions, later also critiques of precarious economic conditions and issues of globalization, all closely related to social and political changes, became relevant subjects of artistic production. (..) it never spread far beyond Europe’s language based barriers (..) [c.f.] the later appearing and quite moderate Relational Art
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august 2012 by gohai

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