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Kent | Anderssons ICA
's bakgård (@ Anderssons ICA in Södra Sandby)
Andersson  ICA  from twitter
january 2016 by kentlundgren
's bakgård (@ Anderssons ICA in Södra Sandby)
Andersson  ICA  from twitter
january 2016 by kentlundgren
Tutorials covering Andersson Trees, Skip-Lists, Hash Tables, etc.
Data Structures

Andersson Trees (C): A balanced binary search tree using split and skew.
AVL Trees (C): A near perfectly balanced binary search tree.
Binary Search Trees I (C): Introduction to binary search trees.
Binary Search Trees II (C): Introduction to binary search tree balancing.
Hash Tables (C): A very fast searching data structure.
Linked Lists (C): One of the basic linked data structures.
Red Black Trees (C): The most common balanced binary search tree.
Skip Lists (C): A linked list with binary search tree inspired balancing.
Tries I (C#): Introduction to basic tries.


Hashing (C): Introduction to hashing.
Random Numbers (C): Introduction to pseudo-random number generation.
Sorting (C): Introduction to the automatic ordering of data.


Pointers (C/C++): In-depth explanation of one of the more misunderstood language features.
Windows Services Simplified (C#): A template-based approach to Windows services.
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may 2015 by kc5tja
Kod is now open source - | Google Groups
I'm delighted to announce that as of this moment, Kod is open source
and available at
I have chosen to release Kod under a modified MIT license which
basically only adds protection for selling Kod as a whole (you can
still use part of the source for commercial work).
1. With making Kod open source I hope we can build a versatile,
universal and modern text editor for hackers of all kinds working on
the Mac OS.
Rasmus  Andersson 
december 2010 by gdw
Eternally Confuzzled - Home
A really well done web site containing tutorials on several different kinds of search trees, and other data structures, includeing andersson trees, avl trees, red-black trees, and others.
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january 2010 by dale.hagglund

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