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Ancient Monuments
Ancient Monuments UK is a companion to the British Listed Buildings, based on the same underlying platform but here acting as a resource for all Scheduled Monuments in Great Britain.
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28 days ago by 0xymoron
Project MUSE - The Idea of Progress in Classical Antiquity
"Ludwig Edelstein characterizes the idea of "progress" in Greek and Roman times. He analyzes the ancients' belief in "a tendency inherent in nature or in man to pass through a regular sequence of stages of development in past, present, and future, the latter stages being—with perhaps occasional retardations or minor regressions—superior to the earlier." Edelstein's contemporaries asserted that the Greeks and Romans were entirely ignorant of a belief in progress in this sense of the term. In arguing against this dominant thesis, Edelstein draws from the conclusions of scholars of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and discusses ideas of Auguste Comte and Wilhelm Dilthey."
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october 2019 by cshalizi
Ancient coin designs encoded increasing amounts of economic information over centuries - ScienceDirect
"Coinage, the practice of minting small bits of metal with distinctive marks, appearing in the second half of the 7th century BCE, had a transformative impact upon ancient economies and societies. Controversies endure concerning the original function of ancient coinage, in particular the respective role of states and markets in its emergence. Applying information-theoretic measures to a corpus of 6859 distinct coin types from the Ancient Mediterranean world, dated between c. 625 and c. 31 BCE, we show that the symbols minted on coins (designs combining images of plants, deities, animals, etc.) became increasingly informative about a coin’s value. This trend was specific to value-relevant information, as distinct from information concerning issuing states. Coin designs also carried more information about higher denominations than about lower ones. Before numerical or written marks of value became widely used on coinage, these iconic symbols were carrying economic information."
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october 2019 by cshalizi
The images of Stonehenge they don’t want you to see
Stonehenge, an ancient monument that attracts millions of tourists a year holds many secrets. One of the lesser known is that the standing stones we see today, in fact date back less than 50 years, as a result of numerous restorations that have taken place for over 100 years.
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september 2019 by 0xymoron
Cultural Encounters in Near Eastern History, Larsen, Hertel
"Globalization and cheaper travel have led to a rapid increase in cross-cultural encounters worldwide—which makes understanding problems of conflict, prejudice, interaction, and adaptation ever more important.
"Fortunately, we have a powerful historical example to draw on: the closely knit, yet very different cultures that inhabited and interacted in the Near East. Contributors look at the interactions of nomads, traders, religious groups, armies, and more to help answer questions about cultural encounters through both theoretical and empirical lenses. They present cases drawn from a range of fields within the overall history of the Near East, including Mesopotamian history, the rise of Islam, and the effects of Hellenism."
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august 2019 by cshalizi

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