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5 Keys to Building a Perfect Marketing KPI Dashboard - Jeffalytics
Follow along with video and guide to learn 5 keys to creating and automating your marketing reports - [Download our KPI Dashboard Checklist]
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3 hours ago by ites
LA NACIÓN — Profile | Tableau Public
Somos un equipo de diseñadores que trabaja con Tableau desde 2011 para LA NACION. El equipo está compuesto por Mariana Trigo Viera y Nicolás Rivera. Trabajamos en coordinación con el equipo de LA NACION DATA generando visualizaciones para las investigaciones periodísticas basadas en datos. || We are a team of designers working with Tableau since 2011 for LA NACIÓN. The team consists of Mariana Trigo Viera and Nicolás Rivera. We work in coordination with LA NACION DATA team generatin...
12 hours ago by katsuyaurushizaki
The Quiet Boost to the Dodgers’ Bullpen | FanGraphs Baseball
Tuesday night, the Dodgers played a crucial game against the Rockies, and it was all tied at two in the top of the tenth. After Scott Alexander retired Charlie Blackmon to lead off, he was replaced by Dylan Floro, who was tasked with facing DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado. After four pitches, Floro struck LeMahieu out. It happened on the following sinker...
After four more pitches, Floro struck Arenado out. The sequence included the following four-seamer...
And then it concluded with the following slider...
Floro’s time with the Dodgers hasn’t all been terrific. A month ago, Floro was on the mound when the Dodgers lost to the Mariners on a walk-off balk. That’s the kind of incident that can stick with you for a while. But, overall, Floro has been a stabilizing member of the bullpen since arriving in a midseason trade. The Dodgers have needed the help, and Floro has provided it, even though the trade with the Reds drew barely any attention. When Floro arrived, he was a ground-balling middle reliever. With a little bit of assistance, he’s become something more.
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21 hours ago by rgl7194
Session Replay, Heat Maps | Debugging, Support, CRO Tool | FullStory
FullStory records and reproduces real user experiences on your site helping you support customers, boost conversions, and debug faster.
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22 hours ago by sic1

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