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Today we are welcoming Industry to the Atos Analyst Day in London on "Building Trust in…
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3 days ago by tguemes
System Integrator Risk Mitigation Processes Often Have the Opposite Effect
How can it be that projects continue to go wildly over budget or result in significant business disruptions but profits by systems integrators continue to rise? How is it that with fixed price contracts, modern implementation tools, and supposed sophisticated project management capabilities, clients are still getting burned?
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june 2019 by cote
Beyond Meat (BYND) Stock Crash Predicted by Erlan Abdikarimov - Bloomberg
The analyst acknowledges that he’s at a disadvantage in terms of a super-comprehensive assessment, having, for one thing, never tasted Beyond Meat’s veggie burgers
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may 2019 by yorksranter
Klas Research
KLAS has been providing accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the healthcare IT (HIT) industry since 1996. The KLAS mission is to improve the world’s healthcare by amplifying the voice of providers and payers. The scope of our research is constantly expanding to best fit market needs as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. KLAS finds the hard-to-get HIT data by building strong relationships with our payer and provider friends in the industry.
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november 2018 by cera
Red Hat-IBM Acquisition: Clash of Cultures or Best of Both Worlds?
"“It really depends on how IBM handles this acquisition to reassure these employees, otherwise they are going to have a huge issue retaining talent over time,” said Aniszczyk."
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november 2018 by jonerp - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool
Quick and simple free tool to help you draw your database relationship diagrams and flow quickly using simple DSL language.
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october 2018 by tranqy
After Sondergaard, analyst firms must take stock
“Analysts become dancers and performers, with all the good and bad that involves. They can internalise their projected self-confidence and capacity for accepting risk and ambiguity. Analysts can get carried away by the feeling of influence, their confidence, and the respect that clients show them. They start to believe their own performance. The generic reality of men in authority within male-dominated organisations has to be layered over that position. And, perhaps, even the role of the performer has additional complexities: when they are playing a role, the appetite for using authority can be increased.”
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september 2018 by cote

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