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Talking Competition: Methinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much.
"I think ceding builds your credibility, but you need to be careful and precise in so doing so. To take an old example, from BusinessObjects days:

Bad/sloppy: Brio is doing pretty well.
Good/careful: Brio is doing pretty well — in the USA, with companies where the end-users have a strong voice in the process, and they prioritize UI over security and administration."
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Progress Report - SAP SuccesFactors - More SAP (technology)
"SuccessFactors is making progress, but the pace seems to be glacial. Realistically using more of SAP technology, a good decision overall, means even more ‘plumbing’ work by R&D resources vs. ‘sun deck’ work (building SaaS capabilities). But it is an investment SAP should make, with the expectation of better productivity and more functionality being shipped in a few years – latest."
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