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The Most Trusted Study on Millennials and Causes
Market research/analyst firm specializing in millennials' #social #impact engagement behavior #nonprofit
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17 days ago by csrollyson
The One Thing to Always Do When Mentioned in Analyst Research - by @barnes_hank
"When you don’t do this, everything is reactive. I still remember a situation where there was a competitive POC bake-off. Both my firm and the competitor were featured in “the best place” in an analyst report. The competitor was slightly better positioned. Despite winning the bake-off, the sales team had to defend the placement. But they had not context."
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8 weeks ago by jonerp
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Brilliant long read from a from This was pre hand crafting…
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december 2017 by jitgo
Global Diamond Report 2013: Journey through the Value Chain - Bain & Company
Bain & Company and the Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) produced this report in collaboration. Looking closely at the diamond value chain and tracing diamonds' route to market, this report offers for the first time a detailed view of channels and approaches for rough- and polished-diamond sales.
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december 2017 by johnvey

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