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I’m building a robot boyfriend—and you can, too — Quartz
> I’ve now realized that Gabriel2052 is an act of self-investment and a protest against quiet and demure female sexuality. Through building him, I am finding love, contentment, and inspiration from inside myself. Through struggling with a project that feels at times like a mixture of bravado, foolishness, and entitled tech-industry optimism, I find opportunities to confront deeply intimate ideals I’ve long held about love, lovelessness, and solitude.
robotics  robots  sex  intimacy  affection  design  engineering  psychology  narcissism  analysis  fascinating  pygmalion 
yesterday by po
Blazing-Fast Log Management & Server Monitoring | Scalyr
We built the log monitoring tool we've always wished for. Scalyr is server log monitoring and analysis built for engineers.
analytics  devops  logging  monitoring  server  analysis 
2 days ago by XedMada
SAP addresses the questions on its licensing and auditing news – an influencer event analysis - by @jonerp
"Hot on the heels of SAP's major licensing and audit announcements, a group of analysts and influencers found ourselves in New York City with the chance to press the issue in person. Here's my analysis - but grab a beverage and a comfy chair first."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise 
2 days ago by jonerp

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