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Franchise: a sql notebook
an open-source notebook for sql
database  sql  data  analysis 
21 hours ago by dexter
Sustainable development: China’s path out of poverty can never be repeated at scale by a country again — Quartz
- interesting read. It puts the internet into perspective, shipping containers had more impact in China's economic rise
china  economics  analysis 
23 hours ago by renaissancechambara
How manipulates you
It strikes me that someone could write a userscript or browser extension to make the site usable.
analysis  design  algorithms  dark-patterns 
yesterday by pw201
Homepage » Veriluma
Turn predictions into actions and improve your decision-making. Veriluma’s software delivers assessments that show the best way to handle the situation even when the information available is unreliable, unknown or incomplete.

predictive  analysis  software  ml  AUS 
yesterday by shalmaneser

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