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Video of the Week – Rapid Prototyping: Sketching & Paper Prototyping – David Cummings on Startups
For our video of the week, watch the Google for Entrepreneurs Rapid Prototyping: Sketching & Paper Prototyping. Enjoy!

From YouTube:
Mariam Shaikh and Melissa Powel talk about sketching and paper prototyping. Have you ever struggled with how to get from an idea to a high fidelity prototype? Every design has to start somewhere and even at Google we often start with low fidelity prototyping options such as sketching and paper prototyping. After all, the fidelity of your prototype should match the fidelity of your idea, so stop worrying and start sketching.
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11 hours ago by zhumink
Creation and consumption
"There's a pretty common argument in tech that though of course there are billions more smartphones than PCs, and will be many more still, smartphones are not really the next computing platform, just a computing platform, because smartphones (and the tablets that derive from them) are only used for consumption where PCs are used for creation. You might look at your smartphone a lot, but once you need to create, you'll go back to a PC.

There are two pretty basic problems with this line of thinking. First, the idea that you cannot create on a smartphone or tablet assumes both that the software on the new device doesn't change and that the nature of the work won't change. Neither are good assumptions. "
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yesterday by garrettc
Mobile is eating the world — Benedict Evans
As we pass 2.5bn smartphones on earth and head towards 5bn, and mobile moves from creation to deployment, the questions change. What's the state of the smartphone, machine learning and 'GAFA', and what can we build as we stand on the shoulders of giants?
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2 days ago by oliverw
Analyse your HTTP response headers was created by me, Scott Helme. I'm an Information Security Consultant and blogger based in the UK and you can regularly find me writing on my blog at or you can follow me on Twitter @Scott_Helme.

I built after deploying security headers like CSP and HSTS to my own site. I wanted a quick and easy way to check if other sites were using these headers and I figured I'd turn it into a useful tool for everyone to use!

There are services out there that will analyse the HTTP response headers of other sites but I also wanted to add a rating system to the results. The HTTP response headers that this site analyses provide huge levels of protection and it's important that sites deploy them. Hopefully, by providing an easy mechanism to assess them, and further information on how to deploy missing headers, we can drive up the usage of security based headers across the web.
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2 days ago by abetancort
Seven charts that show how the developed world is losing its edge
Savings China’s gross savings (at market exchange rates) are nearly as large as those of the US and EU combined. China saves almost half of its national income. This extraordinarily high share is likely to fall but that decline is set to be gradual, since Chinese households are likely to remain frugal and the share of profits in national income is likely to remain high.

80% of the US had no real increase in income 2005 to 2012-2014
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2 days ago by nhaliday

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