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52 Of The Best Jeff Bezos Quotes, Carefully Sorted By Category
“The killer app that got the world ready for appliances was the light bulb. So the light bulb is what wired the world. And they weren’t thinking about appliances when they wired the world. They were really thinking about – they weren’t putting electricity into the home. They were putting lighting into the home.”
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11 weeks ago by brokerchange
[1908.00868] Machine Learning as Ecology
Machine learning methods have had spectacular success on numerous problems. Here we show that a prominent class of learning algorithms - including Support Vector Machines (SVMs) -- have a natural interpretation in terms of ecological dynamics. We use these ideas to design new online SVM algorithms that exploit ecological invasions, and benchmark performance using the MNIST dataset. Our work provides a new ecological lens through which we can view statistical learning and opens the possibility of designing ecosystems for machine learning.
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august 2019 by Vaguery
Building a Startup That Will Last
Enduring companies are not one trick ponies. Founders with a long-term vision will recognize that they need to make transitions beyond a highly successful first act. Market preferences, technological capabilities, and regulations change. What was once novel becomes a commodity over time. Successful businesses anticipate that they will go through cycles of maturation that demand systemic transitions.

A great example here comes from American Express, which one of us (Ken) led as CEO for most of the last two decades. The company started out in 1850 as a regional freight express business, but a realization in 1892 transformed the company into a financial services powerhouse. While traveling, Amex’s president, J.C. Fargo, had a hard time converting his letters of credit into cash. He thought: “If the president of American Express has that sort of trouble, just think about what ordinary travelers must face.”

The solution was the ubiquitous “American Express Travelers Cheque.” The mechanics of the business – the fact that they sold more orders than were redeemed – also created another opportunity for company: the float.
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july 2019 by brokerchange
Ryan Deiss | LinkedIn
Not how many sales - how many successful customers. Successful customers convert.
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june 2019 by brokerchange
3 Steps You Can Take to Build Great Strategic Partnerships |
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is known for leaving one seat open at every meeting for the customer, “the most important person in the room.”
june 2019 by brokerchange
[1905.09866] Fair is Better than Sensational:Man is to Doctor as Woman is to Doctor
Analogies such as man is to king as woman is to X are often used to illustrate the amazing power of word embeddings. Concurrently, they have also exposed how strongly human biases are encoded in vector spaces built on natural language. While finding that queen is the answer to man is to king as woman is to X leaves us in awe, papers have also reported finding analogies deeply infused with human biases, like man is to computer programmer as woman is to homemaker, which instead leave us with worry and rage. In this work we show that,often unknowingly, embedding spaces have not been treated fairly. Through a series of simple experiments, we highlight practical and theoretical problems in previous works, and demonstrate that some of the most widely used biased analogies are in fact not supported by the data. We claim that rather than striving to find sensational biases, we should aim at observing the data "as is", which is biased enough. This should serve as a fair starting point to properly address the evident, serious, and compelling problem of human bias in word embeddings.
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may 2019 by foodbaby
[1901.09813v2] Analogies Explained: Towards Understanding Word Embeddings
Word embeddings generated by neural network methods such as word2vec (W2V) are well known to exhibit seemingly linear behaviour, e.g. the embeddings of analogy "woman is to queen as man is to king" approximately describe a parallelogram. This property is particularly intriguing since the embeddings are not trained to achieve it. Several explanations have been proposed, but each introduces assumptions that do not hold in practice. We derive a probabilistically grounded definition of paraphrasing that we re-interpret as word transformation, a mathematical description of "wx is to wy". From these concepts we prove existence of linear relationships between W2V-type embeddings that underlie the analogical phenomenon, identifying explicit error terms.
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may 2019 by foodbaby
32 of the Best and Worst Infosec Analogies | The State of Security
the infosec industry has glommed onto a never-ending chain of analogies and metaphors to better explain the intangibles of digital security.

We can’t seem to keep them all straight, nor do we know them all. So we reached out to security influencers and asked them what their favorite and least favorite infosec analogies or metaphors were and why they loved and hated them so much. I took a little editorial liberty and squeezed in a few sayings that don’t necessarily qualify as analogies or metaphors, but I think you’ll appreciate them nonetheless.
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march 2019 by pierredv
Skeuomorphs: our little digital helpers
February 27, 2019 | Financial Times | by Lucy Watson.

Skeuomorphs are design elements that mimic older, precursor objects. They crop up everywhere, but especially in software interfaces: consider the shutter-release sound of a digital camera or the original yellow legal pad of an iPhone Notes app, or the Windows MP3 player that looked like an amp and speakers. Interactive icons that are shaded to look like 3D buttons, floating above your home screen, are a minimalist species of skeuomorph......On the iPhone, skeuomorphs acted as a guide for users unfamiliar with touchscreens: the bulbous shading of an icon meant it could be pressed, a representation of a leather-bound Filofax was where phone numbers were kept, and so on. These visual elements act as little markers of a shift in our development: they were designed to make the devices that they populated look as if they had one foot in the pre-digital era (i.e. analog). Which is almost a lifetime ago.....Yet for all Apple’s efforts to fetishise the immaculately virtual, the smartphone is still a physical object that demands some haptic interaction — even if it’s just a swipe.....In order to create a more watertight device, the home button had been replaced by a dimple. It cannot be depressed as a button would, but a vibrating motor within the phone called a “taptic engine” recreates the physical feedback a button would provide. It’s another type of skeuomorph: an electronic interface given the familiar feel of a mechanical component
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february 2019 by jerryking
Annalee on Twitter: "Debate is like sex: 1. You are never entitled to it, from anyone, ever. 2. Not everyone enjoys it and that's okay. 3. If you don't respect boundaries and consent around it, you're an asshole. 4. If you only focus on what you get out o
“Debate is like sex:

1. You are never entitled to it, from anyone, ever.
2. Not everyone enjoys it and that's okay.
3. If you don't respect boundaries and consent around it, you're an asshole.
4. If you only focus on what you get out of it, no one will want to do it with you.”
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january 2019 by handcoding
The reason YOU can't see the full picture - - Sumo Group Inc. Mail
What do you see?

Because of the closeness. You have a forced fixation on some small fraction of the image.

It probably seems dull and seemingly lifeless.

But your friends who are standing back 10 feet behind you tell you of this amazing piece of work in front of you.

But you can’t see it.

With your close proximity you miss of all it. All you see is the dull colors that have been distorted by the closeness of your eyes. .

This is how many people view themselves.
november 2018 by brokerchange
Eric Jorgenson 🛠📈 on Twitter: "“Everything I’ve ever done has started small. It’s part of this Day One mentality.” (About the scale of Blue Origin, and some of his ambitious non-profit work.) “I remember driving the packages to the post of
“Everything I’ve ever done has started small. It’s part of this Day One mentality.”

(About the scale of Blue Origin, and some of his ambitious non-profit work.)

“I remember driving the packages to the post office myself, dreaming of the day we’d be able to afford a forklift."
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november 2018 by brokerchange

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