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Rec: [Leverage] like a map of a place you’ve never been, read by analise010
He knows it’d be so fucking easy, if he’d let himself. Because he’s easy for them, has been since that first job, since the day he hauled Hardison’s ass out of a building about to explode. It’d be so easy.
So he won’t.

Rec Snippet: I love their voice (it’s got a lovely cadence that makes it easy to listen to for me). There’s quite a bit of angst in this story, and analise manages to convey Eliot’s feelings of brokenness or rawness through their voice and it will tug on your heartstrings. Sleepy!Parker is also a delight. Plus, there are manual sound effects - I think this is the first time I’ve encountered them - and I find them delightful.
analise010_performer  momo_reccer  leverage  alec_hardison/parker/eliot_spencer  explicit  02:30:00-03:00:00  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
podfic_love | Savage Lovecast Episode 69 by analise010 and themusecalliope
Dan Savage: So you’re getting pounded in the butt by your own concept of linear time.
Caller: Right.
Dan Savage: What is that like?
Caller: Well, Dan, it’s kind of confusing. On the one hand, it’s fucking amazing hardcore gay action. On the other hand, last month I was double-teamed by the sociopolitical implications of Putin influencing the American Presidential election in order to install a tiny-handed fascist Cheeto in the White House, and by the historical precedents of Trump’s demagogic takeover of America for the purposes of personal profit and destroying all the best ideals of our nation.

Rec Snippet: This podfic was something else. I saw the story in Yuletide and knew I needed to record it IMMEDIATELY. I also knew that I needed to recruit my fellow podficcer [ profile] themusecalliope to help me out as we share a facination for the Tinglers. This podfic is just excellent.
analise010_reccer  analise010_performer  themusecalliope_performer  chuck_tingle_rpf  savage_love_rpf  mature  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic 
january 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: [Sleepy Hollow] Puppies Galore by analise010
Summary: Ichabod is easily distracted by new things. Dogs aren't new to him, but pet stores are. Abbie discovers his love for puppies.

Rec Snippet: In four minutes, analise010 takes us on Abbie's journey from hair-tearing frustration to Ichabod-is-covered-in-puppies-and-the-world-is-ok. And somehow, as I metaphorically hear Abbie's shoulder's relax, my own do too.
sleepy_hollow_(tv)  abbie_mills  ichabod_crane  fire_juggler_reccer  analise010_performer  general_audiences  gen_fanwork  podfic  00:00:00-00:10:00 
september 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: [MCU] Girl Code by Readbyanalise010
Summary: Tony Stark messed with the wrong scientist and the ladies of SHIELD decide to band against him. (Told in a series of text messages.)

Rec Snippet: "To all of my fellow humans who have been negatively affected by the patriarchy, this podfic is for you. Your work has value, no matter what anyone else says."
marvel_cinematic_universe  general_audiences  teen_and_up  00:00:00-00:10:00  analise010_reccer  analise010_performer  podfic 
may 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: OUaT - Two Wrongs Make a Right read by Readbyanalise010
Reader's Summary: Henry is a he's not going to sit idly by and let his moms go back to how things used to be before the curse.

Rec: "I'm reccing my own podfic because I love promoting stories about ladies. This story is about Regina Mills who is - seemingly - upset over her breakup with Hook. Henry does not believe her and, gets a truth potion to figure out the truth. This story has EVERYTHING: angst, idiots in love, people admitting their feelings (albeit without their consent), and teenagers who think they're better than their parents. What really makes this story for me is that two people are forced to look at their flaws and work them out together. Whether you're in this fandom or not, I hope you give it a try."
once_upon_a_time  regina_mills/emma_swan  teen_and_up  00:30:00-00:45:00  analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  podfic 
march 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: "Love, Sex, and Paperwork" by multiple performers
Summary: A film crew arrives to document life in the Parks and Recreation Department of America, Illinois, only to stumble upon a scandal involving Director Steve Rogers.

Rec Snippet: This was an amazing multivoice project to be a part of, and the way reena_jenkins and Readbyanalise010 adapted the script style of the text was brilliant! But the voice acting is what really shines in this podfic and I legitimately cried with laughter while listening to it.
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  00:20:00-00:30:00  xdiorix_reccer  blackglass_performer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  fire_juggler_performer  originally_performer  paraka_performer  analise010_performer  reena_jenkins_performer  themusecalliope_performer  mature  podfic 
february 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: Parks & Rec - Ben Meets Teddy read by Readbyanalise010
Summary: Set during their bubble, Ben and Leslie spend their second night together.

Rec Snippet: I made this podfic as a birthday present for [ profile] vassalady and it's exactly what it says on the tin. Leslie is flustered and elated that she found a guy willing to use a sex toy in bed, especially one named after an American president. And Ben is into it. Press play and enjoy the best 534 seconds of your life.
analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  self-reccage_event  parks_&_recreation  explicit  00:00:00-00:10:00  leslie_knope/ben_wyatt  podfic 
november 2015 by podfic_love
Rec: Pitch Perfect/Whip it: When A Good Time Turns Around by analise010
Summary: Smashley groans and rolls over, giving the rest of her teammates a thumbs up. “Toldja she’d be awesome.”

(In which Fat Amy is a roller derby badass.)

Rec Snippet: "First of all: SUCH FUN! This is such a brilliant podfic, which effortlessly sells to the listener this crossover as authentic. I adore the image of Fat Amy being a roller derby badass, and Readbyanalise010's execution is pitch perfect :)"
pitch_perfect  whip_it  fat_amy  analise010_performer  knight_tracer_reccer  00:00:00-00:10:00  gen_fanwork  general_audiences  podfic 
april 2015 by podfic_love
Rec: Brooklyn Nine Nine: The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct by analise010
Summary: The rules of the book club are as follows:

1. Book club is called book club. If you have some other stupid name for it, don't say it out loud.
2. No inviting boys.
3. No inviting Gina. She only reads Twilight.
4. No graphic violence (in books, or at meetings).
5. Nothing approximating a romance novel.
6. No setting disagreeable selections on fire.

Rec Snippet: "This was one of my favorite B99 stories to come out of Yuletide this year and analise010's performance MADE IT EVEN BETTER. The character voices were perfect and on point, as were the sound effects and the page flipping sound transitions."
brooklyn_nine-nine  rosa_diaz  amy_santiago  general_audiences  gen_fanwork  xdiorix_reccer  analise010_performer  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic  women-centric_event 
february 2015 by podfic_love
Rec: Sherlock (BBC): Mind Heist by analise010
Summary: Jim Moriarty has stolen some very important bank codes. To extract them from his mind, Irene, Molly and their team have devised an intricate net of dreams that will not only make Moriarty give them the codes, but will also make him believe in the best distraction they can imagine - Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective. An Inception-style AU.

Rec Snippet: "What I really loved about this story is how self-sufficient the women were. They plated on Moriarty's arrogance and invented the character Sherlock Holmes in order to beat him at his own game. I also had a great time performing the different accents! (I'm hopelessly American, but I have confirmation from a few of my UK peers that my voice acting wasn't too horrible. :D)"
sherlock_holmes_verse_(bbc)  analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  teen_and_up  00:30:00-00:45:00  gen_fanwork  molly_hooper  irene_adler  sally_donovan  kate_(sherlock)  jim_moriarty  women-centric_event  podfic 
february 2015 by podfic_love
Rec: Captain America (movies): Any way the wind blows by analise010
Summary: He’d been drawn to pararescue like a duck to water and he’d taken to it just as well, even if he did think it looked a little dorky to have a wingsuit on over his wings.

Rec Snippet: "This podfic is extremely lovely and comforting and all around beautiful. analise010 knows I absolutely love the way she reads, and in this she gives a gentle, touching performance."
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/sam_wilson  00:00:00-00:10:00  analise010_performer  vassalady_reccer  teen_and_up  podfic 
december 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Firefly: Selected Personal Correspondence
Summary: Collaborative podfic performance of "Selected Personal Correspondence."

Author's note: I wrote comment fic for meinterrupted's Firefly comment fic-a-thon! The prompt was "letter penpals"

Rec Snippet: "This podfic was so much fun to do with these awesome ladies. Sly suggested that we collab it, and it just came together from there. Seriously, you need to check out the voice work here. Everyone did so well, and Miss Miller was way too entertaining to voice."
firefly  jayne_cobb  kaylee_frye  themusecalliope_reccer  analise010_performer  reena_jenkins_performer  sly_hostetter_performer  themusecalliope_performer  self-reccage_event  podfic  teen_and_up 
december 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: X-Men First Class: Make It Work BY ANALIISE010 and Vassalady
Summary: "Designers," Heidi Klum says. "Today we'll look at the ensembles you've created for Mr. Lehnsherr, a new costume to leave behind the associations with his past persona and make a splash in the world of mutant rights and politics."

(Or, fifty years after the beach, Erik gets a makeover on Project Runway.)

Rec Snippet: "We had a ball recording this over Skype! vassalady's Michael Kors is my favorite character in this story, by far. I think that our voices compliment each other well and enhance the story significantly."
x-men_(movie_'verse)  gen_fanwork  teen_and_up  vassalady_performer  analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  00:20:00-00:30:00  podfic 
november 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: X-Men First Class - Gravitational Pull by analiise010
Summary: It seems all she does these days is want, want, want.

Rec Snippet: "This was a story that I had loved before I started podficcing and scoured the AO3 in order to find it once I started recording fic in earnest. I recorded this story and came back to edit it about three months later and was struck by my won performance. Never had I created something that - I thought - was so powerful and packed so much emotion behind it."
x-men_(movie_'verse)  analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  self-reccage_event  teen_and_up  podfic  00:20:00-00:30:00  erika_lehnsherr/charlotte_xavier 
november 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Community - Epidemiologia by analise010
Summary: The women win at zombies

Rec Snippet: "Along with women being awesome we have: Team Troy + Abed, hilarious banter, and, of course, zombies. What's not to love? I also tried really hard to make the characters distinct and I think that came through pretty well. I hope you enjoy this podfic as much as I do. :)"
community  gen_fanwork  teen_and_up  analise010_performer  analise010_reccer  00:30:00-00:45:00  podfic  self-reccage_event 
november 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: NHL Commercial: Jess & Tanya by readbyanalise010
Summary: This is a Twitter!fic, written by Anna_unfolding, based on this NHL commercial.

Rec Snippet: "The performance is subtle and nuanced, and for such a short podfic, it manages to capture the wistful atmosphere really well. I particularly loved how the snide little rivalry comments were performed, always a bit mean, but never malicious."
commercials  jess/tanya_(original_characters)  00:00:00-00:10:00  analise010_performer  knight_tracer_reccer  podfic  mature 
september 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Sleepy Hollow (TV): Familiar by Readbyanalise010
Summary: Ichabod discovers one thing about the 21st century he understands.

Rec Snippet: Best of all, I think, is how she manages to really bring out Ichabod's sense of wonderment and awe as he explores this new surrounding. It's always great to hear podfic that highlight's Ichabod's adjustments to his new life, but in this one, he's exploring the modernisation of something familiar, which is a bit more special, and readbyanalise010 does this in the best fashion.
sleepy_hollow_(tv)  abbie_mills  ichabod_crane  itsadrizzit_reccer  analise010_performer  00:00:00-00:10:00  podfic  general_audiences  gen_fanwork 
june 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Disney Princesses: Four Things that Weren't Adequately Covered in Mulan's R.A. Training by analise010
Summary: Mulan is a Resident Assistant on a dormitory floor at a college. Gosh, some of the students on her floor come from really screwed-up families.

Rec Snippet: "Readbyanalise010 performs the cast of characters with amazing dynamism. She brings to life the different characters, making them each distinct: Mulan is so long suffering - '"this was NOT in the job description" :D I am so in love with her in this podfic."
disney  fa_mulan  aurora  snow_white  ariel  tiana  rapunzel  belle  merida  cinderella  jasmine  general_audiences  gen_fanwork  analise010_performer  knight_tracer_reccer  00:20:00-00:30:00  podfic 
june 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Community: Special Seminar in Romantic Comedy by analise010
Summary: It was a perfect romantic-comedy moment in a perfect romantic-comedy situation.

Rec Snippet: "To say that it is a complete delight is an understatement. analise010 does an absolutely impeccable job capturing the… quirkiness and tone of show. So much so, that the performance feels like this natural extension of Community. It's… I can't explain it. It's sweet and funny and the dialog just shines in her hands (in her…voice?)."
community  troy_barnes/abed_nadir  00:30:00-00:45:00  general_audiences  analise010_performer  fire_juggler_reccer  podfic 
june 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Welcome to Night Vale: Little Lights Shining in the Dark by analise010
Summary: “All living things will someday die. All dead things will someday glow red and emit a beautiful song. No one will be alive to hear it” -- Welcome to Night Vale.

Rec Snippet: "In short: A fun fake episode with a dramatic (and hilarious) performance by analise010"
welcome_to_night_vale  analise010_performer  teen_and_up  piscaria_reccer  carlos/cecil  00:20:00-00:30:00  podfic 
october 2013 by podfic_love

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