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Anaconda and Kx Systems Partner to Deliver kdb+ Database System and Related Machine Learning Libraries - Anaconda
Mark Sykes, COO of Kx remarked: “This latest partnership with Anaconda is a component of a long-term initiative at Kx to extend the interoperability of kdb+ with all of the computing tools data scientists are working with today to solve complex problems with very large datasets, especially with Python. It is one part of our ongoing commitment to building a strong machine learning practice at Kx.”
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25 days ago by euler
in with thanks to and . Just install and , throw a couple of
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29 days ago by ljegou
8.2. Consoles and Logging During the Installation
anaconda documentation from rhel - console is tmux, ctrl+b is the leader
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5 weeks ago by conor
Getting started with Anaconda Python for data science |
Anaconda is a complete, open source data science package with a community of over 6 million users.
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june 2018 by gdw
Another installation wish: While gets told the path to find anaconda/bin, and ar…
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june 2018 by bob
installation wish: It would be nice on Windows if .ipynb files had a file association with…
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june 2018 by bob

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