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Sen. Klobuchar adds a ‘first 100 days’ list to the pile of presidential candidate plans - The Washington Post
increasing the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 per hour

aggressively enforcing antitrust laws and prosecuting those who have committed white-collar, corporate crime and tax fraud
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Amy’s Plan to Build America’s Infrastructure – Amy for America – Medium
Amy’s infrastructure plan will be her top budget priority, and she will work to get it done during the first year of her presidency.

Amy’s plan includes more than $650 billion in federal funding for infrastructure
The Infrastructure Financing Authority will help states and localities better leverage private funds to build and maintain the nation’s outdated infrastructure. Amy would allocate an additional $25 billion in seed money to support an additional $250 to $300 billion in direct loans, loan guarantees, and other forms of credit enhancement.
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Klobuchar’s Prosecutor Past Could Haunt Her Presidential Bid
bringing the first felony charge for failure to pay child support that the county had seen in 30 years
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Verizon: $350 ETFs are a good thing, and they help the poor
Verizon Wireless has replied to the Federal Communications Commission's letter of inquiry about its super-sized early termination fees for smart phones. The bottom line: $350 ETFs are good and good for you.

"This pricing structure enables Verizon Wireless to offer wireless devices at a substantial discount from their full retail price," the telco's 13-page statement (with 64 pages of documents) explains. "By reducing up-front costs to consumers, this pricing lowers the barriers to consumers to obtaining mobile broadband devices. It thus enables many more consumers, including those of more limited means, access to a range of exciting, state of-the art broadband services and capabilities."
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