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Rosebuds and Monogrammed Handkerchiefs
If John and Laurie were brothers, if Daisy was Beth and Laurie's daughter. If Daisy and Demi had a secret understanding.
daisy/demi  daisy  demi  ao3  beth  laurie  meg  johnbrooke  jo  bhaer  amy  fred  bess  ted  aliceheath  Marguerite_Thian  littlemen 
5 weeks ago by alcottfanfiction
Soto! Explore thyself!
The sisters meet for an afternoon of sewing. Conversation ensues-- and reflection.
jo  meg  amy  marmee  demi  john  littlewomen  ao3  middlemarch 
march 2019 by alcottfanfiction
“Jo!” cried Meg. “You’re not just an author. You’re an illusionist!”

(Jo sets off on her artistic journey, while Amy takes a parallel path.)
jo  amy  meg  beth  marmee  bhaer  bhaer/jo  auntmarch  littlewomen  ao3  blancwene 
january 2019 by alcottfanfiction
ELCC; Diwali 2018; Amy Livingston
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ELCC  Diwali  Function  2018  Amy  Livingston  photographer  from iphone
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