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Introduction to HAMT — Idea of the day
I looked for a memory-efficient data structures and I found a gem: Hash Array Mapped Trie (HAMT). The author, Phil Bagwell, wrote two papers related to the subject:

Fast And Space Efficient Trie Searches, 2000 (pdf) (source)
In this paper the author is comparing various implementations of Tries and introduces Array Mapped Trie.
Ideal Hash Trees, 2001 (pdf) (source)
This paper describes using Array Mapped Trie as a good data structure for a generic hash table.
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11 weeks ago by euler
New Intel AMT Security Issue Lets Hackers Gain Full Control of Laptops in 30 Seconds
To exploit this issue, all an attacker with physical access to a password (login and BIOS) protected machine needs to do is reboot or power-up the targeted PC and press CTRL-P during boot-up, as demonstrated by researchers at F-Secure in the above video.
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january 2018 by whip_lash

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