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I saw the note in Arstechnica about how Google may be extending its AMP progr...
Google is not doing AMP out of the goodness of its heart - Google is very creative in creating data mining opportunities that could feed data into the databases that it uses to generate search results and other Google products.
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The AMP Validator
AMP HTML Project Web Validator. Tests Accelerated Mobile Pages for valid markup.
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Perfecting Your Retail for Top PPC Performance
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6 days ago by jhill5
Google AMP for Email: what it is and why it’s a bad idea • NY Mag
Vijith Assar:
<p>AMP for the web is ostensibly solving a performance problem that simply doesn’t exist in the context of email. Bloated advertisements woven into the pages you want to see are a core part of the economy of the internet, and can kill your speed and battery life on mobile devices. In contrast, unexpected third-party ads in email messages aren’t a meaningful problem (outside of unsolicited spam, which is a substantially separate concern altogether). One of the fundamental miscalculations of <a href="">AMP for Email</a> is that it degrades the delivery speed of a medium in which nobody really likes rich-message content to begin with. AMP for the web was a faster subset of the standard web, but AMP for Email is a slower superset of standard email. The product name is a misnomer — it’s not accelerated at all!

There’s a steep cost: In order to add interactivity, AMP for Email executes JavaScript code in the messages for the first time, creating an enormous new target for malicious hackers. Google’s engineering and security are nearly always best in class, and you can be sure that the various scripts required for AMP features will be vigorously protected, but this is email’s biggest new attack vector since file attachments began carrying viruses.

All this to what end? AMP for Email may be an extension of email, but it is not a meaningful extension of email. There are some slick new display options, simple actions that could be accomplished with a link, a bit of that strange dynamic content, and not much else. And yet this will require carving out a schism between AMP and non-AMP email, between compatible and incompatible apps and clients. Just about one of the silliest things you can possibly do to a communication medium is artificially bifurcate it.</p>

I missed this when it premiered in March. It's a colossally bad idea that could have come out of Microsoft in 1998, when its approach to standards was "embrace, extend, extinguish".
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9 days ago by charlesarthur
How fast is really? – “AMP’s biggest advantage is the restrictions it draws on how much stuff you can cram int…
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10 days ago by eay
Retail ? Yes! It's the Modern Way to Market
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Valid page imagery that is highly visible and in demand by users.
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