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AMP for WordPress |
Bring the speed and features of the open source AMP project to your site, the WordPress way.
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4 days ago by michimaurer
When speed has a huge impact. RT
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10 days ago by jhill5
To switch your to all , grab a new framework that works great for and get on it.
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12 days ago by jhill5
Elements of high-converting eCommerce pages
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13 days ago by jhill5
An open governance model for the AMP Project – Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is moving to a consensus-seeking open governance model. -==- Joining the Advisory Committee at the outset include representatives from publishers (El País, Washington Post and Terra), e-commerce sites (AliExpress and eBay) and platforms (Cloudflare and Automattic) as well as advocates for an open web (Léonie Watson of The Paciello Group, Nicole Sullivan of Google/Chrome, and Terence Eden).
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18 days ago by jchris
Google’s new hands-off approach to AMP fails to satisfy its critics - Columbia Journalism Review
So why is Google now moving to an open governance model? The company says it wants to broaden the level of outside participation, which could be an admission that not enough outlets were signing up to help (although Google says 700 people have made changes). But it could also be a sign the company has lost interest in controlling AMP, now that Instant Articles seems to have fallen by the wayside. Facebook is no longer devoting much to it in the way of resources, and most of the original partners have stopped using it, according to a survey earlier this year by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia. AMP basically won, so there’s less at stake for Google.
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18 days ago by paulbradshaw

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