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The final detail of the 36th Class Rule is being checked and rechecked. Its publication is close…
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march 2018 by richirvine
antayy — Peter Burling frustrated to gift Oracle their win...
RT : Peter Burling frustrated to gift Oracle their win as America's Cup match heats up |
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june 2017 by heyyouapp
Oracle's hybrid cycle grinding system
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june 2017 by richirvine
RT : WATCH...just seconds to capsize our Class boat and minutes for to get her righted. No i…
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may 2017 by richirvine
VIDEO: Just a little Wednesday speed wobble on the during sailing this week
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october 2016 by richirvine
Rachel | Time Inc
Watching the boats practices on the Hudson is rather distracting...also looks harrowing in this...
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may 2016 by ampressman

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