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NCAI video I Am Not A Mascot
Native People speak out about being a mascot. Video: 3:15
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27 days ago by nynate17
RT : ... I hope you realise the sacrifice my beautiful country is making for 3 days...

Hosting the worst man…
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6 weeks ago by stealingsand
New : 57% of believe divides the country. 82% think it wastes a lot of our time. Likel…
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april 2019 by liebermansees
With the and deciding to seek to deny the few benefits guaranteed by the , pat…
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march 2019 by andriak
Web Accessibility: Designing Web Pages for All Users
Web Design for Accessibility. This page is for web designers, with suggestions, concepts, resources, and links to materials for designing and producing web pages that allow access to the entire population of potential users regardless of disability or computer model. These are based on two important documents: Section 508 Standards for Accessible Web Content, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. These are rules for creating pages with accessible content.
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march 2019 by speckz

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