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Disclosure by Arizona nonprofit shows ties to Koch brothers -
On Monday, the Fair Political Practices Commission said all of the transfers are proof of "campaign money laundering." California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris said the investigation would continue. "This case is not over," she said. "And it will not be over tomorrow," Election Day. The Center to Protect Patient Rights is closely tied to the Koch brothers, and it was a primary conduit for anonymous political money in the 2010 midterm election. There are other signs that Americans for Responsible Leadership is part of a broad constellation of secretive Republican groups. It is being represented by a prominent Virginia-based law firm, Holtzman Vogel Josefiak, that has worked for other conservative advocacy organizations that conceal their donors. The firm also shares an address with American Crossroads, a powerful fundraising organization founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove. The firm's clients include the American Future Fund, which gave $4 million earlier this year to push Prop
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Crossroads 'super PAC' drew big checks from well-heeled backers -
American Crossroads, a "super PAC" founded in part by GOP strategist Karl Rove, received $18.4 million over the past year from some well known, well-heeled individuals. For example, $7 million came from Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons ($5 million from Simmons personally and $2 million from his privately held company); $500,000 was reported from Crow Holdings, run by Dallas real estate baron Harlan Crow; Another $500,000 came from Kenny Troutt, a billionaire communications executive also based in Dallas. A coal industry management firm, Alliance Management Holdings, gave $425,000, according to the late-night filing. The end of the year tally included $100,000 from Sam Zell, whose properties include the Tribune Co., owner of the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, among other papers. The financial disclosure forms, filed Tuesday night, did not cover funds raised by the non-profit affiliate of American Crossroads, Crossroads GPS. The GPS organization does not have to disclo
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'Super PACs' largely funded by a wealthy few -
A few super-rich individuals are using their personal and corporate wealth to influence American politics in an unprecedented manner. Sheldon Adelson. Harold Simmons. Bob Perry. Harlan Crow. Robert Mercer. Jeffrey Katzenberg. Karl Rove. American Crossroads. Crossroads GPS
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LA Biz Observed: Two L.A. billionaires near top of conservative donor list
American Crossroads, the right-wing political group that's watched over by Karl Rove, received $3.25 million last year from Wayne Hughes, chairman of Glendale-based Public Storage (Hughes gave separately to House Minority Leader Eric Cantor). He's second on a list of donors who gave the most money to political groups in 2010 (eight of the top 10 contributed exclusively to Republicans). Number seven was media investor Jerry Perrenchio, who gave $1.2 million, including $1 million to American Crossroads. Sunlight Foundation has the full list of top donors.
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Huffington Post: Rove-Associated Groups Vow $120 Million In Attack Ads, Say More Is Needed
Huffington Post has a story on American Crossroads' that links to a story by Sunlight Reporting Group.

The new FEC report comes after American Crossroads ran advertisements in the special election in New York's 26th congressional district.

Despite backing a loser -- the race was won by Democrat Kathy Hochul -- Crossroads was the biggest spender among non-party groups in the special election, with over $600,000 in expenses.
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The Akron Beacon Journal: Campaign gusher
The Akron Beacon Journal has an editorial this morning that looks at the spending thus far in the election cycle and cites data from the Sunlight Foundation:

It does remain against the law to coordinate such spending with a candidate's committee. In practice, that amounts to the flimsiest of technicalities. Voters bombarded with television ads can't distinguish between a candidate's ad or one backed by a group fueled by unlimited contributions from a corporation or labor union.

By the end of last month, outside groups had spent nearly $3.7 million on commercials and other expenses to influence congressional races in Ohio, according to a recent analysis by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 20, such independent expenditures rose to $57 million nationwide, more than double the total for mid-term elections in 2006, according to the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan watchdog group.
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