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American goddess
American Goddess

Early allegorical images of America were born in the mind of Europe. Around the Revolution, America began taking charge of its symbols. To shed its native identity and connect to the “civilized” world, artists reached into the iconographic heritage of classical humanism. In the European tradition of personifying nations as pseudo-classical goddesses, America embraced Columbia, which had begun appearing in magazines in 1738. Columbia referred to place, but another goddess referred to principle: Liberty.
American  Goddess  Liberty  Columbia 
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Jim Thorpe - Wikipedia
Incredible life of all around amateur and professional athlete
usa  culture  history  native  american  athlete  olympics  reference  football  baseball  basketball  pioneer  racism 
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Easy Strawberry Shortcake For One - One Dish Kitchen
Would eliminate cinnamon.

65g flour
12g sugar
1/2t BP
1/8t BS
1/8t salt
28g cold butter
2T milk
1/4C strawberries
1/4C cream
1t sugar
recipe  bakedgoods  american  scones&biscuits  dairy  fruit  vegetarian  food-for-one 
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Designed in China, Assembled in California - iA
As China is learning from the West, we are slowly becoming Chinese. Here are 16 ideas we should hold onto.
China’s Xi Jinping is in a good mood. He just got approved to be president for life. His country is doing better than ever:

…this is ‘the best period of development since modern times, while the world is undergoing the most profound and unprecedented changes in a century’…Xi refers to the current period as a period of unprecedented strategic opportunity for China…1

China has already outperformed the rest of the world. They sport the highest GDP, and their economy keeps growing. They own the four biggest banks in the world.2
oliver  reichenstein  ia  essay  opinion  piece  economy  china  usa  american  world  gdp  tyranny  freedom  liberty  surveillance  mass  communism  capitalism  banks 
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Open Parks Network
Digitized versions of of over 350,000 cultural heritage objects and 1.5 million pages of gray literature housed in the libraries, museums, and archives of our nation’s parks, historic sites, and other protected areas.
parks  historic-preservation  historic-sites  american  primary-sources  history 
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Digital Projects | Amistad Research Center | Independent Archive
The Amistad Research Center is committed to collecting, preserving, and providing open access to original materials that reference the social and cultural importance of America's ethnic and racial history, the African Diaspora, human relations, and civil rights.
civilrights  african-americans  race-relations  american  history  primary-sources  multiple-eras 
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eScholarship | University of California
Open Access repository services for UC researchers to share their scholarly output. Open Access publishing for journals, monographs, conference proceedings and more.
openaccess  research  aad-research  american  history  primary-sources  worldpolitics  anthropology  ebooks 
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CQ Voting and Elections Collection | CQ Press
Find top-quality reference narratives and documents on elections, parties, voter behavior, and campaigns.
elections  news  american  history  primary-sources 
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American League Preview and Free Pick: Mariners at Orioles
Seattle aims to earn their second straight victory tonight in Baltimore when the Mariners and the Orioles take the diamond for the second of a four-game series. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. ET at Camden Yards. The M’s send James Paxton (6-2, 3.72 ERA) to the hill to oppose the Orioles Kevin Gausman […]

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College  Basketball  Picks  Predictions  and  Odds  american  league  baltimore  orioles  camden  yards  junior  circuit  mlb  free  live  scoreboard  team  previews  oriole  park  seattle  mariners 
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