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Riverside Public Library Citrus Label Collection | Calisphere
The citrus label collection can provide researchers with examples of the evolution of art advertising and local business history. But the collection is not limited to these two main subjects. For example, images of the noble savage ( Prairie Belle) and other Native American stereotypes (such as Heap Good) could also provide information for the researcher investigating the use of American Indians in advertising.
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Documenting the African American Experience in Las Vegas | UNLV Libraries
A project of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries, Documenting the African American Experience in Las Vegas provides access to over 4,000 digital items, including images, oral history transcripts, and audio clips of the interviews. The homepage includes an embedded YouTube video of the PBS documentary African Americans: The Las Vegas Experience, which was made in 2016 as part of this project.
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Forbes List
Forbes list of 400 richest Americans.
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When Security Researchers Pose as Cybercrooks, Who Can Tell the Difference?
"Last week, I was on a train from New York to Washington, D.C. when I received a phone call from Vinny Troia, a security researcher who runs a startup in Missouri called NightLion Security. Troia had discovered that All American Entertainment, a speaker bureau which represents a number of celebrities who also can be hired to do public speaking, had exposed thousands of speaking contracts via an unsecured Amazon cloud instance."
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