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The fight to save European dialects in Brazil - Gialdo alert
The challenges of urbanisation, globalisation and the primacy of Portuguese
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44 minutes ago by soobrosa
We’re not sure why McCabe was fired. But Trump’s tweet suggests the worst. - The Washington Post
This is the language of a banana republic. In nations without a strong democratic foundation, tyrants cling to power by belittling perceived enemies and insulting and coopting other institutions, such as a free press, law enforcement and the military, coercing them into subservience. Just look around the world at practices today in Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Turkey, to name a few. The banana republic playbook has no place in the United States, not in a town hall, not in a statehouse, least of all in the Oval Office.
12 hours ago by corrales
Gifts, Debts, and Inheritances: Why So Many Minority Millennials Can't Get Ahead - The Atlantic
"...the numbers of Millennials receiving support from family are “absolutely underestimated” because many survey questions are not as methodical and specific as those a sociologist might ask. “As much as 90 percent of what you’ll hear isn’t picked up in the survey."

"Racial disparity in transformative assets became especially striking to Shapiro during interviews with middle-class black Americans. “They almost always talk about financial help they give family members. People come to them,” Shapiro said. But when he asked white interviewees if they were lending financial support to family members, he said, “I almost always get laughter. They’re still getting subsidized.”

"Commentary often centers on the dire circumstances Millennials inherited (“It’s the recession, stupid!”) or the defective attributes of recipients (“Millennials are too entitled!”)."

"But these oversimplified viewpoints miss the point of how some Millennials and their parents are able to weather tumultuous financial terrain in the first place—and more, how intergenerational financial support contributes to these Millennials’ long-term wealth-building capacity."
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yesterday by corrales
The Butcher's Daughter
The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar and
“vegetable slaughterhouse." Our three locations serve breakfast, lunch,
dinner and weekend brunch. We take pride in our daily-changing menu, which
is 100% vegetarian, and mostly vegan and gluten-free. We can always prepare
substitutions for most dietary restrictions.
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yesterday by jbmorley
Locations | Venice LA | Intelligentsia Coffee
Receive an individualized coffee experience from our knowledgeable staff at our Los Angeles Venice location, where seasonal coffee is made to order.
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yesterday by jbmorley
STAG - Provisions for Men
Stag is classic and modern; traditional and progressive; new and old; respectful and rebellious. We’re several parts clothing, part antique, part gift, part acc
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yesterday by jbmorley
After Daughter's 'Unimaginable' Death, Parkland Family Moved To Action : NPR
The conversation is etched in April's mind: "She said, 'I'm speaking for my sister, 'cause she can't speak. She saw your daughter get shot. And when rescue came, they didn't take her with them.'"

It would be 12 excruciating hours before an FBI agent finally confirmed to the Schentrups that their daughter was among the 17 dead.

"I think part of me just broke," April says, weeping as she recalls that moment.

"And even as devastating as it was, I kept thinking, 'At least one of my children came home that day.' And it's sad to think that I'm thankful that one out of two of my children came home from school."

As April breaks down, her children, Evelyn and Robert, lean in close, knitting their fingers around her hand.

Ultimately, the Schentrups learned what happened in Carmen's classroom that day.

The gunman shot out a window in the class door.

He stuck the barrel of his semi-automatic, assault-style rifle through and fired, bullets flying everywhere.

Carmen was struck four times.

'It's unimaginable, but ... we need to imagine it'

"People constantly say to me, 'I can't imagine what you're going through,'" he says. "Well you should. You should try to comprehend your daughter — who you are so proud of, and who was just beginning to live her life – being riddled by bullets. Being told, when the medical examiner gives the body back to the funeral home, 'You can't see her. We have to spend days working on her body. And maybe, maybe you'll be able to see her then.'"

"Think about that," Philip urges. "And then come tell me why we can't do things to keep our kids safe."

"It's unimaginable, but I think we need to imagine it," April says. "I know we need to act. We need to do something more than pray and console each other."

After Carmen was killed, Philip recalls what he heard from a close relative: "'Sorry, but this is the way it is. This is our second amendment right.'"

"Then I walk away," he says.
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yesterday by corrales

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