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Memory Unleashed on Threadripper: 128gb & 2933 & ECC tested | Level1Techs : Amd
M391a1k43bb1=8GB, m391a2k43bb1=16GB, unbuffered b-die. No reason to buy any other ECC modules with TR, they are all expensive as hell with no real discounts and non-samsung will be markedly inferior on achievable clockspeeds.

FWIW I have a bunch of these or equivalent (long story) and all will do 2933C16 (128GB) or better.
reddit  AMD  Threadripper  RAM  ECC 
9 days ago by coffeebucket
Android Developers Blog: Android Emulator - AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support
If you want to use Hyper-V at the same time as the Android Emulator on your Intel processor-based computer, you will also need the same Android Studio and Android Emulator versions as listed above, but with the additional requirements:

* Enable via Windows Features: "Hyper-V" - Only available for Windows 10 Professional/Education/Enterprise
* Intel Processor : Intel® Core™ processor that supports Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Extended Page Tables (EPT), and Unrestricted Guest (UG) features. Additionally VT-x needs to be enabled in the BIOS.

For more setup tips and troubleshooting details, check out the documentation page.

Again, for existing Windows users who have an Intel-based processor, the Android Emulator will continue to use the faster and recommended Intel HAXM configuration. For those using AMD processors, and those who use Hyper-V hypervisors, this should be an exciting step forward to start using the Android Emulator.
Android  emulator  Hyper-V  Ryzen  AMD 
11 days ago by coffeebucket
ASRock X399 Taichi / Fatal1ty summary Thread - Hardware / Motherboards - Level1Techs Forums
Following similar thread for ASUS Zenith Extreme X399, I think it’s worth to create such thread for ASRock workstation oriented X399 motherboards, gathering all workstation oriented info we have.

Both motherboards support ECC, SR-IOV and PCI-E bifurcation.

Since BIOS 2.00c PCI-E bifurcation supports both x4/x4/x4/x4 and x8/x8 modes (before, only x4/x4/x4/x4) for high end cards like 40G NICs, SAS controllers or GPUs (official answer from ASRock support).

Since BIOS 2.00d both x16 slots support bifurcation (before, only bottom one) giving either 16/8/8/8/8/1 or 16/8/4/4/4/4/8/1 or 8/8/8/8/8/8/1 or 4/4/4/4/8/4/4/4/4/8 slots (not counting M.2 -> pcie adapters which can add another 4/4/4).
AMD  motherboard  IOMMU  Ryzen  Threadripper 
13 days ago by coffeebucket
[H]ardOCP: Ryzen was Partially Disabled in Commissioned 9900k Benchmarks
This is unbelievable, I don't know if they are being extremely malicious or it's just incompetence of the highest order. How do you take note of every last setting to be documented but not realize just 4-core/8-threads are active on an 8-core/16-thread processor?
intel  corruption  hardware  cpu  performance  amd 
13 days ago by pankkake
Solid Green Window after upgrading to 3.0.4 with Vega - The VideoLAN Forums
I have a Win10 64bit PC, with AMD Vega videocard, latest drivers (18.8.1)
Was viewing videos with VLC 3.0.3 64bit when suddenly prompted to upgrade to 3.0.4
downloaded 3.0.4 64 bits, installed it.. And then, every video I open show a solid green image (audio runs fine)
Tried to uninstall and do a clean reinstall of 3.0.4 .. actually tried without and with erasing previous preferences, just in case... same issue
Uninstalled it again, and reinstalled 3.0.3 .. everything runs ok, i got my image back !

re-tried 3.0.4 just to be sure.. nope... broken.. again...

So went back to 3.0.3.. and will stay there for a moment I guess

Note that all my installs are "Layman" ones.. never tweaked anything in the settings at all.. purely install & run.. So I guess there's a chance the problem I get may be an issue for a lot of people with similar configuration.
Upgrade to 3.0.4 triggered this bug for me as well on my Vega 64. I had to switch to DXVA 2.0 hardware acceleration to get the video to display. Here are my logs when running with D3D11 hardware acceleration
VLC  bugs  Vega  AMD  Ryzen 
15 days ago by coffeebucket
RT : Surgery on my Mac Pro. Goodbye AMD 5770, hello RX 580.
apple  amd  macpro  from twitter_favs
21 days ago by geshtalt
builds - pcmasterrace
The purpose of this page is to disprove the myths about the price of a custom PC and educate people on possible hardware configurations for different budgets and performance requirements. The $500 "The Crusher" is the most popular, as it's the one build on the page that simultaneously outperforms next-gen consoles like the PS4 Pro or XBOX One X with the GPU upgrade. Don't worry about the page looking messy, everything is readable once you understand the layout. With each build, you'll see a title, the exported list from PCPartPicker, the About section, the Augmentation section, and finally the benchmarks (if any). We don't have a build more expensive than the End-All as it would turn into a matter of a more customized build for the user (which we recommend seeking help from our sub) and the fact that there isn't a large demand for people with $1400+ builds.
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22 days ago by WIZARDISHUNGRY

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