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Rain sound generator. Visual simulation of rain, online.
Generator of relaxing sounds of rain. Play sounds of rain.
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6 days ago by e2b
Rip Hayman - Dreams of India & China - Boomkat
Recital at their very best here with an unmissably gorgeous 1st vinyl issue of music by Rip Hayman; - a pioneering forerunner of ambient music, and pivotal member of NYC’s downtown music community since the ‘70s, beloved for his holistic embrace of sound in its myriad forms

Working at the point where avant ambient imagination meets the raw beauty of nature, ‘Dreams of India and China’ is a collage of Rip Hayman’s archival field recordings and hard-to-find tape releases dreamily layered and sequenced by Recital boss Sean McCann. Overseen in production by Hayman and his longtime foil Charlie Morrow (himself a subject of previous Recitals), the results speak to a sublime, un/consciously utopian conception of sound as environmental, borderless and timeless, and most of all a rich source of happiness and pleasure.
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14 days ago by andyhuey
Endlessly unique ambient music
ambient  music  background 
17 days ago by effulgence
This site is a collection of generative music pieces which can be listened to. The term "generative music" describes music which changes continuously and is created by a system. Such systems often generate music for as long as one is willing to listen.

The pieces featured on this site are not recordings. The music is generated by a different system created for each piece. These systems have been designed such that each performance is unique and plays continuously without repetition.

Though not a requirement of generative music, most of the pieces featured are quite minimal and ambient. Here "ambient" means the music is intended to enhance one's environment but not demand attention.
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23 days ago by Shoord

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