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Aux États-Unis, Amazon va ouvrir sa 14e librairie
À Los Angeles, Amazon s'apprête à ouvrir une nouvelle de ses librairies, appelées Amazon Books. Une demande de permis de construire a en effet été déposée la semaine dernière pour une construction dans le centre commercial Westfield Century City, selon LA Business Journal.

Le centre commercial de Los Angeles ne comptait plus aucune librairie depuis 2011, la dernière appartenant au groupe Borders avant qu'il ne fasse faillite.

Le premier Amazon Books a ouvert en 2015 à Seattle et depuis, le groupe a déjà implanté plusieurs magasins dans différentes villes américaines telles que San Francisco, Manhattan, Boston, Portland ou encore Chicago. Celui de Los Angeles sera donc le 14e à ouvrir.
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What is Amazon CloudWatch Logs? - Amazon CloudWatch Logs
Archive Log Data—You can use CloudWatch Logs to store your log data in highly durable storage. You can change the log retention setting so that any log events older than this setting are automatically deleted. The CloudWatch Logs agent makes it easy to quickly send both rotated and non-rotated log data off of a host and into the log service. You can then access the raw log data when you need it.
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Invisible Corporations, Part Two – Latent Content
This is a tall tale of two companies: On the surface, Monolithoogle bears a mild resemblance to Google. Distributazon has some things in common with Amazon. These similarities are anecdotal and superficial. Accuracy is not the goal. At best, I am attempting to develop hyperbolic caricatures of the companies as archetypes. The ideas here evolved from a conversation I had with a good friend.

This is the second installment of Invisible Corporations.
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yesterday by amy
How Twitch Learned to Make Better Predictions About Everything
In Silicon Valley, everyone makes bets. Founders bet years of their lives on finding product market fit, investors bet billions on the future value of ambitious startups, and executives bet that their strategies will increase a company’s prospects. Here, predicting the future is not a theoretical superpower, it’s part of the job.
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