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Is Bezos holding Seattle hostage? The cost of being Amazon's home | Cities | The Guardian
On the effects that Amazon, in particular, has had on issues like housing and homelessness in Seattle.
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2 hours ago by johnmfrench
The Singular Pursuit of Comrade Bezos – Member Feature Stories – Medium
From a financial point of view, Amazon doesn’t behave much like a successful 21st-century company. Amazon has not bought back its own stock since 2012. Amazon has never offered its shareholders a dividend. Unlike its peers Google, Apple, and Facebook, Amazon does not hoard cash. It has only recently started to record small, predictable profits. Instead, whenever it has resources, Amazon invests in capacity, which results in growth at a ridiculous clip. When the company found itself with $13.8 billion lying around, it bought a grocery chain for $13.7 billion. As the Recode story referenced above summarizes in one of the graphs: “It took Amazon 18 years as a public company to catch Walmart in market cap, but only two more years to double it.” More than a profit-seeking corporation, Amazon is behaving like a planned economy.
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4 hours ago by lehmannro
What Cracking Open a Sonos One Tells Us About the Sonos IPO
Comparing the innards of a Sonos One with an Amazon Echo Plus. Surprisingly fascinating.
sonos  amazon  hardware  beneinstein 
6 hours ago by philgyford
Registry of Open Data on Amazon Web Services
<p>This registry exists to help people discover and share datasets that are available via AWS resources. Learn more about sharing data on AWS.

See <a href="">all usage examples for datasets listed in this registry</a>.</p>

This is pretty amazing. Landsat pictures (zoom in on your house!), IRS 990 filings, satellite data labelled for machine learning, 5bn web pages from web crawling, a global database (from broadcast, print and online news) from every country identifying key events, OpenStreetMap, bourse data from the German stock market, Hubble telescope data... it's such a colossal reservoir of data waiting to be made use of. Sure, many others have got there first, but what could come from cross-matching Landsat data with OSM with bourse data with key events? And then applying machine learning to that?
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6 hours ago by charlesarthur

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