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Is Alexa working?
By some metrics - devices sold, engagement, skills developed - Alexa is obviously a success. Less clear is how Amazon *actually* benefits from that. Echo device sales? Purchases made via voice? Ben Evans posits that the optionality that “controlling an endpoint” gives Amazon going forward is the real benefit (which both makes sense but also doesn’t necessarily seem to answer the question).
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february 2019 by irace
Storyline - the easiest way to create an Amazon Alexa skill without coding
There's no way to create Amazon Alexa skills unless you're a good engineer. Storyline makes it easy with a visual drag-n-drop interface.
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april 2018 by bonkey
How to Build Amazon Alexa Skills That Sound Natural
We’re simple beings. When we say things, we like to be understood. When other people say things, we like to understand them. Whether it’s a living breathing human or an Amazon Echo, the best conversations are the ones we don’t have to think too much about.
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april 2018 by skinna123
Is there an online list of Echo Skills? : amazonecho
I just bought an Echo but Amazon said it won't be arriving until the end of the month...bummer. Since I am looking forward to getting the device I...
november 2017 by bonkey
Amazon’s Operating System
There are analogies to be made between Alexa and operating systems, as hardware manufacturers bend over backwards to compete with one another, making Alexa more capable and creating more consumer lock-in in the process.
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january 2017 by irace
CES UX of IoT Report
The smart home industry is nowhere near consolidating on a standard, and competing hubs make it a risky investment for consumers to get into right now. Alexa is gaining popularity but it still seems way too early to declare it the winner of anything, given how fast this market is developing (and because while voice is good for certain tasks, it's unlikely to be the best input mechanism for everything, especially as AI continues to get smarter and can do more for us without our asking).
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january 2017 by irace
Should an Amazon Echo help solve murder?
Amazon Echo logs are being solicited under the pretense that it a customer's device may have recorded something that could be useful in a murder investigation. Logs from his smart water system are also in play here, as authorities try to correlate logged usage with the amount needed to wash down a dead body.
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december 2016 by irace

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