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AMA Citation Style
In AMA Citation style, one should never use periods between initials in name notation. Instead, a student only uses initials for the middle name and the first.
AMA  Citation  Style 
7 weeks ago by meldaresearch
RT : This Friday (February 8th) /r/TechSEO will be hosting an With Gary Illyes (). Head on over and join u…
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10 weeks ago by jhill5
I am Andrew Bustamante, a former covert CIA intelligence officer and founder of the Everyday Espionage training platform. Ask me anything. : IAmA
I share the truth about espionage. After serving in the US Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency, I have seen the value and impact of well...
january 2019 by aliksd
Y’all, I have all the knowledge. I’ll look it up.
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november 2018 by thebestsophist

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