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Homecoming for health care: UW School of Medicine graduate finds her way back to Sacred Heart for residency | The Spokesman-Review
Dr. Mara Hazeltine is no stranger to the halls of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. She grew up coming to Sacred Heart with her mother, a nurse for more than 30 years who recently retired. Now she returns on her own to begin her residency in family medicine after graduating from the University of Washington School of Medicine.
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Janet Varney Was 'Cajoled' into Sketch Comedy at SF State. Now She's a Hyphenate Star
LIFE HACKER -- Janet Varney is best known for — well, it depends on what you like her from. She’s acted in “The Legend of Korra,” “You’re the Worst” and “Stan Against Evil,” and created the Emmy-nominated IFC web series “Fortune Rookie.” She stars in the audio-drama podcast Voyage to the Stars and hosts the chat podcast The JV Club. She is also a founder and director of SF Sketchfest, running the annual live comedy festival since 2001.

“I was in love with San Francisco as a place and an idea and a life, so I left school in Arizona during my junior year of college, and then worked to establish residency for a year, so I could go to SF State with in-state tuition.

There I met my (now many-years-running) two partners, Cole Stratton and David Owen. We were in a sketch group together with a fourth member, Gabriel Diani — now he’s an independent filmmaker, I’ve done a couple of his movies and he’s a genius. But Gabe took time off to go do a one-man show, and we decided to organize a festival, so that we had more of an opportunity to do a long set of sketch in San Francisco. There weren’t a lot of venues that allowed for that or were made for that. ...

“By the time I moved to San Francisco I had sort of pragmatized my way out of thinking I would be a performer for a living. But my friends at SF State, Dave, Cole, and Gabe, cajoled me into being in the sketch group that they were forming. And I’m so glad they did. It was really the first time that I had officially done comedy. I loved doing funny plays and stuff like that, but I wasn’t one of those kids that got involved with an improv group in high school. And swiftly thereafter, we founded the festival.”
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18 hours ago by sfstatelca
Alum Jacqueline Stone Granted Emerita Status at Princeton
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY -- Jacqueline Stone is an internationally acclaimed leader in the study of Japanese Buddhism. She joined the Princeton faculty in 1990, Her current research areas include death and dying in Buddhist cultures, Buddhism and nationalism, and traditions of the “Lotus Sutra,” particularly Tendai and Nichiren.

She is the author of “Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism,” and “Right Thoughts at the Last Moment: Buddhism and Deathbed Practices in Early Medieval Japan.” She has co-edited “The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations” (with Bryan J. Cuevas), “Readings of the Lotus Sutra” (with Stephen F. Teiser, the D. T. Suzuki Professor in Buddhist Studies at Princeton), and other volumes of collected essays.

In 2018, she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Also in 2018, she received a President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching from Princeton. She earned her bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University and her Ph.D. from UCLA.
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STEM networks aim to diversify tech fields | The Seattle Globalist
In the United States, minority students face constant and systematic disadvantages when it comes to pursuing STEM education and careers. Two UW alums are interviewed about their time as students.
Seattle.Globalist  !UWitM  2019  regl  students  alumni 
5 days ago by uwnews
Philippine Saringhimig Singers, Led by Alum George Gemora Hernandez, Mark 45th Year
ABS-CBN NEWS (MANILA, PHILIPPINES) -- In 1983, Hernandez moved to the U.S. to pursue his studies in other disciplines of music and took a hiatus from choral conducting. He completed his studies in piano, voice and choral conducting at the San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

“Singing with several choirs in the San Francisco Bay Area reminded Professor Hernandez of his choir days in UP,” Magnaye said. “He decided to reestablish Saringhimig Singers in the Bay Area to showcase the Filipino artistry and culture in the U.S.

“There were several members from the UP Saringhimig Singers who moved to the U.S. and some of them lived in the Bay Area. They were the core group along with other choral singers that joined the Philippine Saringhimig Singers.”
Mus  alumni  international 
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Alum Darlene Plamenco Named Sales, Marketing Director at Westin Verasa Napa
NAPA VALLEY REGISTER -- “We are excited for Darlene’s extensive experience in various Marriott hotels and resorts, which is a perfect fit for The Westin Verasa Napa,” General Manager Don Shindle said.

Plamenco received her bachelor’s degree in history from San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix.
hist  alumni  regional 
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Alum Don Jolley to Retire after 31 Years as Art Teacher in Marin County
POINT REYES LIGHT -- Mr. Jolley, who grew up in Southern California, comes from a long line of teachers that includes both of his parents. He graduated from Sonoma State with a studio art degree, and it wasn’t until partway through a Master of Fine Arts program at San Francisco State that he decided to change course. He recounted that an adviser in that program helped him link the ideas he was learning in a conceptual design class with the practice of teaching.

“In a way, that professor gave me permission to be a teacher,” Mr. Jolley told the Light last week. “Conceptual design is about how to work with an idea, how to let that idea evolve and take shape and trust that it is going to take you someplace exciting. It’s not compartmentalized in one way of thinking. He told me, ‘You are a conceptual designer: that is your artwork.’ That was an entirely new take on teaching that legitimized it for me.”
art  alumni  regional 
5 days ago by sfstatelca
Little Manila at the Break of Dawn: Stockton Remembers Professor Mabalon
POSITIVELY FILIPINO -- Dillon Delvo says in an interview, “I was one of the last generations … to remember that generation. To remember the manong and manang generation. I remember many manongs used to walk downtown, and were going to one of the last Filipino barber shops in Little Manila, where my dad would get a haircut … and he’d really be proud of bringing me to the barber shop where all his friends could see me. I think everyone else didn’t have a kid, so they kinda adopted me as their own. …

“[And at San Francisco State], it was a difficult time for me. Because at the same time they’d talk about Filipino American history, oftentimes they’d talk about Stockton. Yet I was from Stockton, and I knew none of this.” By selling shirts in the trunks of their cars, and knocking on doors in the community, Dawn and Dillon were able to save the last block of Little Manila; and then co-founded Little Manila Rising.
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Community Creates Scholarship in Memory of Alum Shaun Heffernan
PRESS-REPUBLICAN (PITTSBURGH, NEW YORK) -- The soulmates met at San Francisco State University in a public speaking class in 1990.

Shaun was studying photography, and Amanda was earning her Bachelor of Arts in printmaking.

They eloped five days after their first date.

In 1994, they relocated to his beloved North Country as part of their five-year plan after traveling out West, her native place, for a year.
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Alum Wendy Burger's Paintings on Display in Oregon
THE UMPQUA POST (OREGON) -- Wendy started taking drawing classes, painting, sculpture and ceramics which began opening a world of possibilities for her. She enrolled at the City Community College in San Francisco where she received her Associate of Arts degree in 1982, then later to receive her bachelor’s in Art at San Francisco State University in 1985. Upon graduation she entered her first big show in San Francisco and, much to her surprise, sold that exhibited work. This gave her the confidence to launch herself as a full-time artist.
art  alumni  regional 
6 days ago by sfstatelca
Alum Danny Glover Featured in Documentary 'The Robeson Effect'
SF BAY VIEW -- Juney Smith’s documentary “The Robeson Effect” is one of three headlining films at the San Francisco Black Film Festival, and it documents the lives of thespians Danny Glover and his lifelong friend Ben Guillory in theatre and their work in creating Roby Theater.

In San Francisco history, Danny was a member of the Black Student Union at SF State that launched the SF State Student Strike ultimately leading to the creation of ethnic studies programs in universities, colleges and high schools around the nation.
plsi  alumni  hotshots  regional 
7 days ago by sfstatelca
Alum Paul Kitagaki Jr. Gives Identity to Nameless Victims of WWII Internment
NIKKEI WEST (SAN JOSE) -- Paul Kitagaki Jr. is pursuing a project that is filling in a blank piece of history, finding out the identities of Japanese American incarceration victims during World War II, who up until now have been merely faces in old fading photos, unknown, forgotten.

“I’m giving them a voice so they can tell their stories,” Kitagaki said. “It’s a personal and emotional project.”

Kitagaki has been studying photos taken of Japanese Americans in prison camps during World War II and asking the question, who are these (unknown) people? He has also been interviewing internment camp survivors to get their remembrances.

Paul Kitagaki went to high school in South San Francisco and attended San Francisco State University where he studied music.

“My instrument was the drums,” he said. “I was interested in jazz.”
mus  alumni  regional 
7 days ago by sfstatelca
Documentary 'Nice Chinese Girls Don't' Is a Portrait of Alum Kitty Tsui
BEYOND CHRON (SAN FRANCISCO) -- But in-between Tsui’s recollections of SF State University anti-Vietnam War political activism and discovering her beloved grandmother’s secret history, Abod uses Tsui’s readings of several selected poems to eloquently express the poet’s personality in a way that would seem dry in a straightforward recollection.

By the film’s end, the note that Tsui is currently writing a memoir also called “Nice Chinese Girls Don’t!” will inspire more than a few viewers to eagerly anticipate the book’s completion and release.
eng  alumni  hotshots 
8 days ago by sfstatelca
Alum Shawn Wong: Recovering Lost Novel of Japanese American Resistance
YES MAGAZINE -- My teacher, Kay Boyle, mentioned that one of her creative writing graduate students was Jeffery Chan at San Francisco State. He was also an unpublished writer. I got in touch, and Jeffery said, “Oh, you live in Berkeley, there’s this guy named Frank Chin who lives right down the street from you.” I called Frank and said, “I understand you are a writer and you’ve actually published something. I’d like to meet you.” And so between the three of us, we started a quest to find other books.
cw  alumni  hotshots  trade  national 
8 days ago by sfstatelca
Documentary Filmmaker Rob Epstein Took a Course at SF State
AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE -- Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s work as directors, writers, producers and editors has been honored with two Academy Awards, five Emmy Awards and three Peabody Awards. They have had retrospectives at London Institute of Contemporary Art, Taipei International Film Festival, Cinémathéque Québécoise and Zurich Pink Apple Film Festival.

“While I was in college, I had little notion of what I wanted to study or why. I took a leave of absence to explore alternative creative pathways,” Epstein says. “This led me to take a filmmaking class at San Francisco State University, while simultaneously snagging a gig as a production assistant on a documentary in its early stages of production. This project would eventually become the landmark documentary ‘Word is Out,” the first documentary about being LGBT in America, made by a collective of LGBT filmmakers (of which I was a part). Finding my way into nonfiction filmmaking opened up something within my own creative self, and it gave me the opportunity to speak to the world about matters of importance.”
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8 days ago by sfstatelca
Opinion: 'Entrepreneur' is a limiting word — don't let it be | Newsweek
"'Entrepreneur' is a funny term. Saying you want to be an entrepreneur, when you think about it, is equivalent to saying you want to be an employee," writes Brynn Tweeddale, who started a digital marketing and creative agency during her senior year at the UW.
Newsweek  !UWitM  2019  alumni  Department:Communications  Human.Centered.Design&Engineering  College:Engineering  natl  opinion.analysis 
9 days ago by uwnews
Geek of the Week: ‘Secret superpower’ helps guide Hannah Werbel’s success at the Univ. of Washington | GeekWire
Hannah Werbel’s impact at the University of Washington was recognized early at the school when she was awarded the President’s Freshman Medal as the top student in the UW’s entire freshman class of roughly 7,000 students. Now Werbel is being honored again.
GeekWire  regl  !UWitM  2019  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Department:Physics  Department:Mathematics  College:Arts&Sciences  students  alumni  Werbel.Hannah 
9 days ago by uwnews
UW graduates largest-ever class of students | KOMO Radio
The UW celebrated its newest batch of alumni on Saturday with its 144th Commencement ceremonies. Mohammed Talib, a new UW graduate, is interviewed.
radio  KOMO  !UWitM  2019  regl  students  alumni  Commencement 
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